Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Wonders......

Hi Loves,
I hope everyone has been having a great weekend. Mine has been, without a doubt. I've had the perfect mix of some down time and a really LATE wake-up call yesterday morning (nice!), a deep cleaning of my condo (hopefully the last one I'll have to do before I move on Aug 7!) some nice sweaty workouts (thanks JM!) and a decent run with the pupster, wine time with my bestie, Jenna, a fun blogger lunch-Indian Style, and now some classic bonding time with my boy, Harry P! Alrighty, have a great week......ttyl!

Haha, jk, you think I would leave you guys with a silly little summary like that? Ok, ok, you are right, I've done it before. But I actually took some pictures this weekend, so here it goes!

First of some yummy munchies from Friday night and Saturday.
Friday was my "fast food night." I usually get cravings for fast food by the end the week, but I've found a combo that satisfies that craving, and isn't quite as unhealthy.Enter a fish stick sandwich with cheese and japs on a Publix French Hamburger bun (I know they aren't whole grain, but I LOVE these rolls!) with a side of decimated baked potato. Yum o!

Saturday morning brought the last "repurposing" of the Chicken Apple Sausage. A yummy scramble with chopped sausage, onion and pepper with one egg and one egg white. No need for cheese in this baby...but I smother it in hot sauce and a drizzle of ketchup...some habits die hard! hehe.I later munched on a snack of a under-ripe apricot with Abu-the fantastic creation of a certain Curly Top which is a mixture of almond butter with almond milk. It was so yummy, I also toasted a whole grain tortilla and dipped it in the Abu too :D
Saturday evening had me rolling my way towards O-town-through some nasty rain on I4 none the less for a fun girls night out in Winter Park. Jenna, myself and a few other lovely ladies headed to one of my favorite spots: The Wine Room. I'm finally back on my red streak (after a few not so good nights with the lovely red vintages in the last year) and enjoyed a few tasting sized pours in addition to several glasses of my favorites, one being "the sweet blood of Judas" and then finishing out the night with a sweet dessert red, that had a wonderful brandy essence to it, called Desiree. These lovelies were also ordered and consumed by all with great delight.
Sorry the picture is such a soddy quality, using no flash you couldn't even tell that was a platter of decedent cheeses! The back is a goat cheese that was marinated in sun dried tomatoes and olive oil, with 2 different bleu cheese in the front. So wonderful creamy and pungent and when you add a drizzle of honey, oh my word...I was in heaven.

Today was very excited, as I got to meet up with some of my favorite bloggers at Woodlands Indian Restaurant, which was also an adventure since I've not had that great of an experience with Indian food before...I've determined now that what I had just wasn't great quality curry, because today's lunch was so good! I got to gab with these lovely ladies, which included meeting basically all of them for the first time.

Caitlin, Amanda, Megan, Me, Gloria, Lindsey, Meghann, Kelly, Ashley and Ryan

While gabbing about food, exercise, thrifty shopping and all the other things we fabulous ladies have in common I noshed on a chickpea dish called chana masala that came with rice plus mango chutney and a thin yogurt sauce. I had this portion times too and then gladly finished my leftovers for dinner tonight. I'm wondering if this would be a easy meal to make at home...I'll have to browse some recipes, but that will have to be for another night, since this post is taking me much longer than I expected! oy! Gloria made a batch of Super Charge Me cookies, which was another first for me, getting to sample vegan baking...I saved the lovingly made bake good for my ride back to St. Pete, and since I don't condone blog photo shooting while driving, well, this is all I have to show for myself:
Obviously I didn't like it. haha. I'm not much of a baker, kids, but this cookie was so great that I might have to try and whip up a batch myself...that or find a reason to go visit Miss Gloria in SoFLA, ASAP! haha.

Phew...that was a lot of eating this weekend. I have a lot more to tell you guys, but I'll save it for later, because my bed is calling me, Run planned for the morning, yay.

Love to all,
~A rested and refreshed, Jess


Mrs. LC said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad we got to meet and that you're feeling rested and refreshed. :) I bet you could easiliy make Chana Masala at home! I want to try. :)

healthy ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

It was great to meet you do! I loved the chickpea dish.. let me know if you figure out how to make it! I couldn't imagine it being too too hard :)

Gloria said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooo I love ABU! It goes wonderfully on so many things... almost too many things. You should definitely visit and we can do lots of yummy vegan baking :)

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