Thursday, July 9, 2009

Repurposing is't just.....

for furniture anymore!

Hello Loves! I hope everyone is having a great nearly Friday-day! As usual I've got quite a few themes and thoughts bouncing around the brain, so hang on tight.

First up, FOOD!
I just wanted to show how one pack of Chicken Sausages and a wilted peach can become several meals throughout the week. You already saw my "loaded dog" on Tuesday. Last night I butterflied (or cut in half...I just wanted to sound fancy!) and reheated another link of sausage with onions and peppers.

You may be wondering what that pile of lovely mush is on the side; well, I am so glad you asked. I had a cut up peach in my fridge that had started to turn on the counter, but was still quite bitter...I hate it when that happens! I hope once I watch Food, Inc. I will understand what they are doing to our produce...or maybe I just got a weirdo peach! Anywho, I caramelized these babies in a little pat of unsalted butter (yes, I cook with butter. And no, I do not plan on stopping, that or giving up my Dukes. I'm a southern girl, just with a healthier edge!) and then sprinkled a little organic brown sugar on the top-which melted like caramel. Oh heaven. Tastes like the pancakes I used to order from Cracker Barrel when I was a little girl.This morning I used them to top a Kashi Go Lean waffle and my last smear of WCW. Sigh. So good, but I'm bummed I'm out of my crack, I mean White Chocolate Wonderful PB. I'm going to wait til I move to get more though, just to reduce how much of my pantry I have to pack.
Ok, enough about food. Not that I couldn't go on and on...but I have some other things to tell ya'll about. Like that "ya'll"? Plan to see more coun-tra speak as I prepare to return to my hometown, which has more cows than people. I am very excited about my new teaching position, but I won't lie saying that I am going to miss St. Pete IMMENSELY. There is so much to do here, and even more in Tampa and so much I haven't had a chance to explore in the very lean year I lived here...but perhaps returning to this bay area will be back in my cards soon. I said "this" because I had a dream I was moving to San Fran with my ex last night. The city is temping, the ex not as much. haha.
But back on the missing St. Pete bit, I decided to splurge for a lunch out (or rather taken out and back to the lab) from my favorite Thai joint down here called Bankcok Thai. So amazing. I usually get the NamSod salad and Nep Jeep rolls, but they have a great lunch special that includes an entrée, steamed rice (now, I'm not a rice lover, guys BUT this rice is so good!) a tiny spring roll and house soup. Sadly I don't have a picture, but my Panang curry was off the hook! They put a lot more ginger in it than a traditional panang, but so tasty. Oh and the soup, a light bowl of veggie broth loaded with chopped garlic, sprouts, spring onions and what I think may have just been frozen mixed veggies. Hit the spot though...but whoops I said I was done talking about food!

I usually would be in yoga right now on a typical Thursday night, but it's pouring outside again and after driving home in the monsoon I'm just not feeling up fighting the flooded roads and overly cautious drivers. So, I busted out the 30 day shred and decided to tackle Level 2. I've not been doing it everyday, so frankly I'm not sure if I've done the whole 10 days at Level 1 but I was getting bored with it. Holy cow is Level 2 a challenge, but I really enjoyed it, even if I just did the "beginner" modifications today, I was panting and sweating up a storm. [Warning: those with an aversion to sweat should scroll down quickly]
Me! post Jillian. Granted, I wouldn't have wanted anyone taking a picture of me during the workout, but I don't mind showing a little post-shred glow! Can I fuss about Jillian for a minute though? does it bother anyone that for all her "warm up circles" she only goes in one direction? WTF mate? I switch 1/2 though, but I think it's wrong...but maybe that's all my years of dance and cheerleading speaking.
But now for any of you who we traumatized by my sweaty mug, here are a few shots of the gorgeous hunk I live with:How can you say no to a face like that? Well, I couldn't but for some reason all the landlords back home are. I want to start asking people when they tell me "no pets" "no large dogs" if they have dogs and would they be willing to live without them? No? Well, that's my theory loosen up people! It looks like the abarnment (that's what my parents and I have named the future upstairs barn apartment) is not only my cheapest opinion but possibly my ONLY option...oh well, it will be nice to be so close to my Mom (like, in the backyard close!) and all the money I will be saving will be AMAZING. Lord knows I need it! I just hope I can survive living in my old room for 6months while we build the abarnment, since it's just studs and plywood floors right now. Speaking of housing I'd best call my mum and see what today's developments are.

Enjoy your night, kiddos!
Love to all,
~A sweaty, but satisfied Jess

PS. Anyone have a good suggestion as to getting hummus out of a keyboard? Because I was NOT just eating hummus out of the tub after I ran out of pita chips and I certianly did NOT drop a whole glob of it on my function keys. Nope, NOT this spaz. :D


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