Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You can tell by the smile on my face that I done this before..... let the games begin- Anarbor

Hi All,
Did everyone one catch SYTYCD last night? Holy Moly what an amazing show it was. I balled my eyes out after Melissa and Ade performed the contemporary piece by Tyce Diorio. What a wonderful tribute to all those who are fighting or have lost their battle with breast cancer. And Woman's Work was probably the best choice of song, ever. Oh Tyce. I'm sure my aunt was smiling down watching that performance, since she was a great patron of the arts and was always supportive of my dancing. Beautiful. Check out this great thread on the SYTYCD website where everyone is sharing similar stories.
I also enjoyed the "Battle Ground" number performed by Jeanine and Brandon.

On to the food:
I used the leftover blackbeans from this meal last week with 1/2 a lb of ground turkey rescued from the depths of my freezer to create a few of these bad boys (yes, even my leftovers make more leftovers! haha) that also had some fresh chopped cilantro and Cayenne pepper mixed in.

That burger was one messy beast to eat. I've made this combo before and didn't have the falling apart issue. Oh well, it was a delicious mess that tasted just as good on my last Publix French Hamburger bun (rescued from the back of my fridge and toasted---still yummy beyond belief) that was loaded up with a smear of Dukes, 2 tomato slices, purple onion and a mix of greens. I also made some "steak fries" by cutting up a medium baking potato (skin on) and tossing them with a drizzle of EVOO plus black pepper and seasoned salt. I baked them at 350 while I did my 4 or 5th day of the 30 day shred on level2. [I actually like this level more than 1, even though it kicks my arse.] The fries were tasty, but I think I baked them too long for my taste, since I prefer softer fries. About half of what is on the above plating when to my 4-legged and furry garbage disposal.

In other food news I have a new favorite flavor of Sabra: Luscious Lemon Hummus. Oh. My. Word. So good! Tangy but smooth. Yum in my tum!

Well, I'd best get back to work for a bit and then on to lunch!
I'm going to try and post the first part of my abarnment series this afternoon.
Love to all,
~A getting a little ravenous, Jess


Thinspired said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Jess!
Just wanted to say thank you for commenting on my blog about the aloe. Maybe I should give it a second look ;)
Your burgers look delicious. Cilantro makes everything better, no?
Have a great weekend!

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