Monday, July 27, 2009

Wonderous Weekend-part two: Sassy Ladies!

The weekend didn't end with the lovely meal from ZGrille, oh no...that's not how we roll. Bright and Early (and by bright and early, I mean 9:45am! haha) on Sunday morning my animal AND music loving friend and I rolled out of the shambles of my partially packed apartment and on down to Vinoy Park to partake in the festivities of Warped Tour's 15th Anniversary! This was actually my first WT-and yes, that makes me a late bloomer (big surprise!) since most of my friends had been going since high school and trust me, most of the other concert goers were about as old as Warped Tour, but age aside darlings it was a FAB time! I won't bore you guys with all the bad pictures I took, especially since I figure most of you don't care for the same music as moi. Yes, I am the girl next door- Apple Pie all the Way..BUT I love me some Hardcore/Post Hard core/anything driving music! If you guys are looking for some motivating music to workout to check out any of the below (In the order we saw them):

Attack Attack
Devil Wears Prada (such good performers! Love them live!)
Skylit Drive (Love, LOVE!)
Dear and the Headlights (a fun, folksy band)
Chiodos (I actually took out some aggression...on a stupid mosh pit punk! hah-bad Jess)
Saosin (they didn't play well, but are a great band recorded)
A Day to Remember (AWESOME!)
Aiden (totally crazy men!)
Bad Religion (I didn't know I knew so much of their music)-It started pouring rain at this point, so we started a dance party in the rain
3OH!3 (OMG! I'm so smitten with these cats!)- the dance party let loose with these guys. Seriously one of the best nights of this year, thus far! So much fun, just grooving with 2500 of your closest "friends" (and possibly students! haha) in the pouring rain. LOVE.
Bayside (No better way to end the night-my boys!)

And now a photographic progression of the day:Looking Lovely at the start of the dayGetting all hot and sweaty, but still smiley. You can't tell it in this picture, but I was sweating what looked like motor nasty. Only at Warped Tour! I took a nap under a tree after this set
Oh, and did I mention dirty? This is even 1/2 the mess I was!After the wonderful rain dance party with 3OH!3 So hyped up here!

Overall, what a wonderful day. I really wish I could have dance parties in the rain everyday. Anyone with me? We have enough opportunities in the Florida Summers afterall! :D

Oh, but no worries I did eat here and there between sets [including a overly sweet lemon smoothie that I couldn't finish and some pretty tasty chicken tenders-didn't dig the fries though, so they went to the trash] and was lucky to sneak in my reusable aluminum water bottle in, so I was hydrated all day, even if it meant standing in long water fountain lines, until we found the hose behind the food vendor tents! Score!

I also brought a variety of bars for the two of us. I busted into my other KIND bar around 1pm. This one was Almond and Apricot. See my review of the Sesame and Peanut one here.I found this one to be wayyy to sweet for my taste. Especially since I was out at an all day event in the heat and trying to stay well hydrated, but even indoors I don't think I'll get this one again. I think it's the honey in the bar that maybe pushes it over the edge. I did like how crumbly it was though, maybe it would be good mixed in with plain greek yogurt, the tart might balance out the sweet. Still a nice simple ingredients list, but I don't think you will find this in my shopping cart again.

Speaking of food, check out this ginormous salad I just woofed down after 3 hours of muscle shaking, flow tastic, inverted yoga:This started out as a bunch of "end ofs" tossed together (end of BB and SP salad, end of a bag of romaine hearts, end of a tomato- about 3/4 of a medium vine ripened from Publix- and a dollop of dukes and all mixed in the dish that the BB salad was still in) but turned out to be one of the more satisfying salads I've made in a while. Check it out a little closer, ok? It's worth it!
So tasty, you have no idea. Don't you just love it when a bunch of stuff gets tossed together and it fills a craving you didn't know you had. Sigh. Just another great part of what has been some pretty fabby-fab days in a row. Just seems like my life is falling together, instead of apart. Let's hope the rest of my week stays this great.

Love to all,
~A very content Jess

PS. sorry this is posting in the AM. I tried to upload some video I took of Bayside and left my computer on all night, so it could upload with no success. I guess I'll have to be videoless until I get my mac!


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