Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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Hello Loves,
My ridiculously horrid day (which seems to be par of the course at my current place of serfdom...I mean employment, these days) has magically turned around thanks to some serious vegetation time with So You Think You Can Dance-the top 10 are picked to night....I can't pick a serious fave yet, but my tops are Kayla, Phillip and of course Melissa, gotta rep my ballet babe! Did you see the pas de deux she and Ade did tonight? aMAZing. In love. Oh this lovely spread of my comfort foods helped out with the total downpour day I had today (yes, Tampa Bay is soggggy people, my lake is flooding again!)V8 Butternut Squash Soup (it's a smidge high is sodium-as most store bought soups are, but oh so's become my go to meal) with a generous dollop of Fage of course-still finishing up that 2% tub. To accompany this bowl of bliss I toasted the heels of WG Publix bakery bread and slathered it with Sabra Red Pepper Hummus. This stuff is the bomb, it tastes kind of like pimiento cheese spread, but a bit healthier (I hope at least...I really enjoy the taste of Sabra but it's oily looking sometimes....oh well! ha.) oh to round out my plate of sides, 1/4 a nectarine and a handful of almonds. For the record, Dogface helped me out with both the toast and the almonds. He's such a love!
Regarding raining weather.....having these babies makes the gloomy weather a bit more enjoyable:Yes, I have lime green Coach puddle boots (and yes, it was a HUGE sale, probably the only designer item I have ever purchased...yikes! Nah, really they were 38 bucks. Can't beat that) Oh and yeah, I work them all day at work...even to present in lab meeting today. Ballah! ha.

In other randomness, I'm so excited about the publicity that Operation Beautiful and the wonderful Miss Caitlin are getting. Check out the great article that was in the Orlando Sentinel. Go post a note. It really makes my day and I bet it will brighten your too!

So along those lines I ran across two signs on my way home that really got my dander up:
The first was on the billboard of the salon I actually go to. They usually have wonderfully inspiration messages up like, "give your smile to someone in need" and the like. Today it read: "Your hair isn't just an accessory, it's your identity" WHAT? now, before I go all soapboxy, let me say, I LOVE my hair....I loved it long and now I love wearing it short(er) and trendy, but it is certainly not even close to my identify. My hair can't tell you how I set up the loved ones in my life for success or about my search for professional satisfaction. It might be quirky and change color all on it's own volition, but it can't tell you how I love to laugh over inside jokes with my friends and truly appreciate watchband tans. Sheesh. It's about your personal strenght my dollfaces, not your hair-no matter how lovely, or practical, you rock your strands.
If that wasn't bad enough, only a few blocks away was a plastic surgery clinic boasting that they had received a shipment of "new lip implants"! Seriously? I don't have anything else to add to that one. Crackstick is all I need for my lipperos (fyi-crackstick is what my girlies and I fondly call Chapstick, since we are all addicted to....what is in that stuff? Gotta get my fix!).

Hope you enjoyed that bit of food for thought. How here is a big of actual food for thought:
This was my mix match of a dinner last night. Blackened swordfish on a bed of spinach (I love putting hot proteins on a bed of greens, so they get all hot and wilty...yum) topped with some goat cheese and dill pickle cashew...or more crack! Also, more yummy WG toast and hummus, plus two pickled okra that were screaming my name in the fridge. Random but oh, so satisfying...oh and did I mention delish? sigh.

I don't feel like hashing out what has been an up and down week of running, but I did crank out 8 amazing mills of hills on the kickback bike last night. I can't wait to get my bike out of commission again. Oh and I'm pleased to have finally found a pair of ear buds I can exercise in. I got them at Target, simply named Skullcandy. I got the classic white ones, but they come in all kinds of fun colors!

Now, I'm off to tuck myself into bed.
Love to all,
~A sleepy, but sassy Jess


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry you've been having such a rough week. :( Hope the comfort food is doing it's job and turning your days around.

P.S. Good thing the clinic no longer has to resort to using OLD lip implants. The horror.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

lovin' your blogs Jess! I had to comment on this because skullcandy earbuds are the only ones i'll use!!! never come out of my ears and block out other noise like a charm! =)

Amber S

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