Monday, July 27, 2009

Wonderous Weekend-part one: Classy Ladies

Hi Loves,
I hope everyone had a great weekend and is off to a fairly painless Monday! Mine is going swimmingly since I had a huge weight (and unfinishable project) taken of my shoulders this morning. Now I can finish my last week at work doing what makes since-training those individuals taking over my job and of course blogging! haha.

My weekend was so wonderful that I need to make it into 2 posts-well, really three if you count in interrupted and bridged post from Saturday let's pick up where I left you hanging.
As you all found out my darling Animal Luver/UF Vet Student arrived and we hustled off to the Tyrone Square Mall to quickly get an outfit and proper bag for Warped Tour-I must say I have never had so much success in a mall in less than an hour! (we got there just after 8 and the place closes at 9pm...why aren't malls open until 10? Come on-why would I have wasted a lovely sunny afternoon in a mall? No, I wasted it packing in my apartment! haha) Such successful shopping deserves to be rewarded with a wonderful meal, so we cruised over to one of my favorite places in Downtown St. Petersburg: Z Grille! You guys have heard me rave about them before but I remember to take pictures this time! yay-good food blogger (about time, right? haha)

We chose a seat outside to enjoy the humidity? I mean salt air....and started off with some drinkies:
My lovely "date" got a nice cider that had some really refresh floral notes of pear. We both adore ciders, but I knew that a repeat of the 2007 Argentine Malbec- Tila was in my future. I had this glass times 2 as the night lingered on. Please excuse the shiny skin and cruddy hair...despite being a Florida Native me and humidity are not friends! I started my meal with the small portion of the daily deviled egg (I have I mentioned I LOVE a restaurant that has deviled eggs? Hello Heaven!). Saturday night's special was Lobster and Lemon.The photography may not have been great ("romantic" candle light on a street corner may make for great ambiance, but not for this photographer's lighting of choice) but these eggs were Divine! I am on a real lemon kick as of late and these did not disappoint.

We both went the way of the sea for our entrees. Our charming vet student got blackened halibut over a bed of Cesar greens which was unpictured and I got the daily special which was triple tail pan grilled over pea risotto and a roasted red pepper sauce. Can you say come to Momma? Oh yes, I cleaned my (reasonably sized) plate with relish. I probably would have licked it to, but we were sitting outside after all and I didn't want to scare away other potential patrons to such a wonderful dinning establishment! The animal luver and I are bad influences on each other when it comes to dessert. (she is one of the only that I ever order dessert with!) So we had this baby:
A chocolate ganache cupcake! Get it? it's literally a cake in a cup! Too cute and oh so tasty. Now I wish that I could say I just had 2 bites and was satisfied, but let's be honest kids, I scarfed down my share like the chocolate loving piggy I am. And I'm not apologizing one bit! :D

Back to work now, babydolls! Have a great day!
Love to all,
~A ready for 3 hours of yoga tonight, Jess


Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

Love that! Cake in a cup! A cup-cake!

Cait (Cait's Plate) said... Best Blogger Tips

That dessert looks to die for! Yay for a fun night with friends :)

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