Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Complete Day!

Hi all,
Can you believe it's only Tuesday? I feel like I've already done 2 weeks of stuff in just the past 2 days! Tomorrow should be a fun and more relaxing day at work though, and considering everything I got done today, I can afford to have that slower day, whoot! Also, thanks for the sweet comments yesterday guys, both on the post and via email. It means a lot to me to get feedback from you all, so keep the comments rolling! I love it! :)

After a crazy day at work for both Mom and I (we both work in the same school district, but at different schools in the two rival towns) we decided to convert our shopping trip into an evening of pedicures, gossip and craftbeers...but I'm getting a head of myself. Because.....(drumroll please...) I manged to get a shot of all my eats today! Yes, score one for the gipper!....whatever that is!

Breakfast was a hurried affair, since I ended up doing some more paperwork while I was getting ready this morning, but very satisfying:
Egg on toast (lightly toasted bread with the middle "crunched down" for the egg and then microwaved for about 45seconds.) which is an old stand by of mine, since I really prefer my breakfasts to have egg protein in them. Sided up with the other 1/2 of the banana I used in my cereal yesterday, dressed up with some Naturally More PB and organic honey. I really can't get enough of this combo right now. So good. Try it, please! (Sorry my vegan loves, but I bet it would be good with Agave Nectar too!)

Lunch was courtesy of my crazy wonderful Mother and Aunt Bronna (who isn't really my aunt, but she's my Mom's best friend and luckily, or thankfully, they work together too!) who were out running errands on my side of the Co. and dropped off some Subway for me after our staff lunch got cancelled, which was why I didn't pack my own lunch-since I'm cheap, I mean healthy, like that! :DMy sub was on Honey Oat bread with turkey, all the veggies, chipolte sauce and strangely shredded cheese. Don't know what happened there....I heard later the Sandwich "Artist" was a bit of a panicked dude when two women (Mom and Bronna) walked in with EIGHT sub orders. Ha. It was really sweet of them to get me this sandwich so I didn't have to leave work, but honestly it wasn't great. I haven't had Subway in probably a year and now I know why. Publix subs totally kick the booty of Subway. Sorry Jarred! :D

I also mindless munched on a snack pack of Lance Vanilla Cookies around 2:30pm while I was working on my lesson plans for next week. They were so tasty since I haven't had these since I was a kid, but I think I ate them out of boredom rather than hunger.
But let me tell you, dinner had nothing to do with hunger. It was pure bliss. After both Mom and I got home from our respective schools(yes, my mother is my best friend, and I love that I get to do all kinds of stuff with her now that I live at home again) we trucked it off to the big city of Gville to grab quick pedi's at the mall and get some free panties from Vicky C's (which is what we call Victoria's Secret-yes I started it, no I don't remember why). Fun fact: I had not had a pedicure since NOVEMBER of last fall! And ironically enough it was at the same place. Gotta love those mall quickies! hehe.

Oh right, food...so after we zipped though the mall we hit up the new spot in town called BJ's Brewhouse. It's a chain and I had seen them lurking around South and Central FLA but hadn't gone before. The restaurant is a microbrewery, as the name implies, so we started off with 2 craftbeers. Mom got the Nit Wit, which was in the Belgium White family...but since I'm a huge fan of that style of beer I was a bit disappointed when we traded sips. It tasted like a watery Shock Top. If you want a great beer that actually has the flavor of both Orange and Coriander, which the Nit Wit claimed to have, check out Sweetwater's "Hummer" instead, it's amazing.

Anywho, I got the Jeremiah Red, and Irish Ale, which I was much more impressed with. It had great body, a complex flavor palette and ended with notes of chocolate. Yummy. This one I would get again! So, of course it deserved to have it's picture taken.So did these awesome potstickers. On the way to the restaurant I had mentioned I had a craving for potstickers, and lo and behold before we could even flip to the food section of the extensive menu our server suggested the potstickers! Fate. Even though I prefer mine steamed, not pan "fried"these really hit the spot.Pan-seared dumplings loaded with chicken, green onions, Chinese yellow chives, ginger and garlic. Served with soy ginger sauce and garnished with green onions and sesame seeds.

For dinner Mom got a massive Honey Mustard something Chicken Salad. I liked that it was chopped, but when I tasted the Chicken itself it was just so-so. I took a picture just to show you guys the sheer magnitude of this puppy. Looks like leftovers to me!
My meal totally hit the spot. Originally I had seen on the menu something called the "California Burger" which sounded really good thanks to all the stuff on it but I really don't like to order burgers (other than turkey burgers) out since I'm pretty picky about how they are cooked, but then I turned the page and saw the same toppings on sourdough bread with grilled chicken. Sold. Check it out:
Tender marinated chicken breast, grilled and topped with avocado, roasted green chilies, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayonnaise and ranch dressing on grilled sourdough bread.
Um, yeah, did you say Avocado, green chiles, chipotle (mayo) AND ranch dressing? I'm in! I was "good" and got mixed veggies instead of fries, and then dumped them out on the plate and ate them with my fingers too, since they were just steamed. Very satisfying.

Now I'm off cuddle with Harry Potter some more in bed! I'll catch up on most of your fun filled day's tomorrow, cause I'm wiped. Hope you all great a great Tuesday!

Love to all,
~A sporting really pretty toes, Jess


Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

We love BJs. It was right down the street from our old Gville house. No more, though. I can't wait to catch up in person soon enough!

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