Sunday, August 9, 2009

Smooth Move!

Hi all,
I'm back up and running on my trusty (or not really) old Rusty desktop Dell. I've been doing a little commenting over the weekend using my Dad's laptop but hadn't unpacked my computer. But now I have (duh) and am back on blogging duty. Actually I'm going to try and blog a bit more frequently, since I'm going to start recording my meals a bit better, but I'll get into all that business later.First up I just want to brag on my dream team of movers. Like most 20 somethings between college, various internships and starting new jobs/leaving jobs, etc I have moved nearly every summer for the past 6 years of my life. Yes, all in the SUMMER. Oy vay is one way to put it. I've moved in 2 door cars, borrowed pickup trucks of all sizes and pretty much every rental truck on the face of the planet, or at least the State of Florida, but this last move (in which I had the MOST STUFF EVER) was the smoothest and all the thanks go to my Mom and my Moving Crew. Without further ado, here is some move in pictures (I didn't take as many as I wanted, since I was so busy hustling boxes).The end product. We got all the shizz out of my condo and into my 14ft Uhaul rental truck (barely, need to up grade the size next time) in less than TWO HOURS! Seriously? I can't thank these guys enough. I know it doesn't look like much since my mattress is strapped onto the end, but this baby was packed, strategically of course. :)

Check out my new diggs. haha, just kidding. This is the new diggs for my stuff, rather. I had to rent a storage unit in town to hold the majority of my things while we build the abarnment. Again, in record time we (just Mom, Dad and I-the Orlando 1/2 of the team had to head home) unloaded and organized everything in the unit in less than an HOUR. I couldn't believe it, or how much room I had left. Sweetness.
M&D after getting everything in the storage unit. Dad was being a goon and Mom was laughing at him. Aren't they cute?
These are my new diggs, for real this time (and yes, I like saying "diggs" hehe). This is actually my old bedroom, but after I took the job in St. Pete last summer Mom redid the room that had been mine from the day we moved into the house all through college and the job hunting phase. So actually everything you see in this room was never in it before. I didn't even have my double bed until my junior year of college when the girls and I got our off campus apartment. But I think it a good fit until we finish the studio apartment around the new year (fingers crossed please).

Ok. I think I'm going to save all my food pictures and mussing for a later post this evening. Off to enjoy a family walk.

Later loves,
~A enjoying the last night of her incredibly short and busy "vacation", Jess

PS. Check out what I found in the local hardware store!
Too funny right? Especially since this was and still is a "serious problem" at the store. Also, the man behind the counter asked me "did you really just take a picture of that?" Yes, sir. I have a weird sense of humor! haha.


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