Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Knocking on Wood

Give a girl a teaching job and she disappears from her blog, right? And just after she promised to blog more regularly too. No worries dear readers, I'm going to keep squeezing blog time in, but after my first day of students I had a TON of things to get done last night (not that I don't this evening) and then forced myself to go to bed "early"at midnight. haha, considering I get up at quarter after 5am now that's not saying much! Also, as I promised I only ate leftovers and repeats yesterday, so you didn't miss any great new meals; not that leftovers aren't wonderful!

I almost hate to say this after only 2 days of teaching, but I think it's going to be a great year. My kids are pretty great-at least behaviorally and I'm winging it great thus far. I even had one of my students tell me I was better than their old science teacher since "I actually knew what I was talking about." Um, thanks? haha, if she only knew. ;)

I could gush for white a while here but lets get straight to the eats before I type myself into a grave about my classes, eh?

Breakfast was a new combo and very satisfying:A WG English muffin with 1 slice bacon (the real stuff! Living with my parents is a bit too tempting at times as you will see....) topped with 1/2 a banana and a drizzle of organic honey. I was channelling Elvis' infamous banana bacon sammies when I made this.

Lunch included more bacon-which I just realized as I posted this. Whoops.
A BLTC (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Cheese-provolone) sandwich on Honey Wheat bread. I also had a huge plum that I didn't finish and this Archer Farms mocha thing I've had hanging around for too long (it even moved with me!). It looks like a shot glass, so some of my co workers were teasing me about "drinking" on the 2nd day! haha.

Dinner was ironically more pork, what is my problem? At least if I start oinking you will know why. sigh.Roast pork with yellow squash and 1/3 of a tiny baked potato topped with homemade horseradish. Yum. I am so making baked potatoes with "horsey sauce" again!

I wanted to run after dinner this evening (didn't have time before) but my stomach wasn't happy with me and I knew I should be too far from the house.....(if you know what I mean. ugh.) Obviously I should not have pig 3 times in one day. It was an honest mistake, since I didn't realize it until now, but I have certainly learned my lesson.

I have really been enjoying coming home to a cooked meal most nights since I've moved back home, especially since I'm totally wiped from teaching all day and have work to do all night, but I obviously need to start mixing more of my own eating habits back in. I was already thinking this when I stopped at the local grocery store on the way home and picked up spinach, vanilla soy milk-because the store didn't carry almond milk...shocking, I know! haha- and some all natural pumpkin butter. Needless to say I'm pretty psyched about breakfast tomorrow. I'm many of you can guess what I'll be having, but you will have to wait and see if you are right! hehe.

I have an exciting bloggy surprise (well exciting to me, and I hope to you all) but since it's drawing close to 10pm already and I have to do lesson plans for two courses before bedtime I think I'll leave you in suspense until tomorrow.

Love to all,
~A happy but oh so tired, Jess

PS. For all my fellow Twilight fans out there check out what I picked up at the DG (that's Dollar General to most people) yesterday:Edward Cullen Chocolate. (The top heart says Bella and the bottom one says Edward) Sadly it tasted like the fake crappy crap it is, so after one bite I pitched it. Cute none the less!


Mrs. LC said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad your classes seem to be going well! Keep persisting with the lesson plans and such! I have many friends who are teachers, along with a husband and both my parents who are teachers, and everyone says your first year is always your hardest year! You'll get through this year and ROCK it! :)

Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad you're loving teaching, you excellent teacher, you!

The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

I bet you're going to have an amazing year, too! I'm so proud of you and you're students are so lucky to have you for a teacher!

DG chocolate always disappoints. I used to buy it for Easter baskets and stocking stuffers but I don't even do that any more. Just jelly beans, sweettarts, and peeps. Then I good the good chocolate from Target. :)

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