Monday, August 10, 2009

A new day...

Hi all,
I hope that everyone has had a great Monday. Mine was exciting, frustrating, more exciting and exhausting and the sun hasn't even set yet! haha. Today was the first day of Pre-Planning for my school district but it didn't feel that much different from the 2 days of in-service I went to last week, mostly because we were wrapping that workshop up, plus doing all the welcome back meetings we spent nearly all day in the teacher workroom again, but honesty I didn't mind (even though I did get a little sleepy after lunch) because I am a new teacher so I've been enjoying learning all the teaching and classroom management strategies. I know I still have a TON more to learn, but I am feeling more confident everyday. Also, I've been working on my curriculum from home anyways, since my computer in my classroom doesn't work yet, so I don't mind being out of my room all day. My room is still a mess though, but I'll get most of tomorrow to keep cleaning out and personalizing it. Cleaning out is the biggie right now. I decided to call it a day this afternoon at 4pm (which was staying late anyways) after finding a box of dissection cats in the back of my storeroom. At least I know why that room stinks now. Bleh. I've got to find a way to dispose of them, because while I don't know if those technically "go bad" since they are in formaldehyde these smell totally rank and since I don't even want to touch them, I know I don't want my kids touching them, much less cutting them up. Maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow. Or maybe not, I don't think that mixes well with food pics, eh? haha. (Yes, I have a sick sense of humor...sorry)

Oh, and let's not forget how my morning started..with NO POWER. Seriously? I was just lucky that my alarm clock makes a loud noise when it "dies" so it woke me up and I was able to grab my cell and set an alarm on it. But needless to say there was no shower for me today. Yucky sweaty chlorine hair. Thank goodness for french twists and yummy smelling hairspray, right?

Luckily I had already planned a cold breakfast for this morning and while I'm a really big fan of cereal I do get cravings for it every couple weeks and this bowl really hit the spot.
It contained Quaker Oatmeal Squares (my current fave cereal) and Cinnamon Life with half of a banana and reduced fat milk. Refreshing and lovely by the pool since it was still a bit dark in the house to read by.

I was a bad food blogger at lunch today, especially after my vow last night to start taking more pictures of my daily eats, but frankly I forgot and but the time I remembered I didn't want to interrupt our lunch conversation and go to the other room to get my camera. My lunch was pretty decent though. I had 1/2 turkey sandwich (the turkey my dad made on Sunday) on whole grain honey bread with lettuce and mayo-of course, a white plum and HFCS yogurt. I need to shop for myself soon, but I'm going to wait until after this weekend and I figured I had eaten Yoplait my whole life until about a year and a 1/2 ago so.....*shrugs* I will admit though that it was a bit too sweet and I only finished about 3/4 of the single serving container.

After work I got back to my C25K plan and pounded out a 17min mile following the pattern of 90seconds running with a 60 second recovery. I did swap the 2 periods after cresting the hill in my parents driveway, but overall felt strong. Small steps for me-I'm not a marathon girl like most of you guys, but I feel good. Jumping in the pool for a which dip after my run felt really good too! I could get used to that! haha.

I had a Turkey chef salad for dinner with a side of cheese and crackers plus a handful of cherries. I can't get enough of these babies!
My salad contained:
Head Lettuce (known to most as Iceburg)
Shredded Roast Turkey
Red Onion
Greek and Green Olives
1 hardboiled egg
topped with a little drizzle of Ken's Lite Vadialia Onion Dressing

Very tasty. I've been really impressed with my use of just a little dressing the past few weeks. I've always been a salad drencher, but I have found I enjoy my salads more when they are drowning in dressing. Yummy and fresh!

After another 1 mile walk with my family (M&D plus the dogs) I have been munching on this snack size Cowtail that I got at school today while I check my email. I love these things, but don't buy them for myself so it's always a treat to get one. I'm sure they don't have a single natural ingredient in them, but I love 'em anyways.

Now I'm off to pick out some school supplies online and work on my first week's agenda some more. I can't believe in less than a week I will have 100 students trusting me for a quality education. I'm a teacher you guys! Who would have though? And I'm so pumped! :D

Love to all,
~A blissful and back on track, Jess

PS. Here is another random and funny-by my book- picture. This was taken in a Walmart shopping lot....Is it a shopping cart rain dance? A gathering for wheel unsticking tips? The world may never know.


Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

You are going to be great! I know pre-planning is overwhelming, but survival is all you need! You'll be fine.

Remember, the first year teaching for every teacher is rough (seriously, it's true) so don't beat yourself up if you're not perfect. You know kids. As long as you show up for them, you're doing your job:)

healthy ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Getting prepared for school sounds exciting. Good luck!

And cats in a closet?! Ugghhh!!!!! I don't think I could handle it!

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