Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love Hate Relationship..... what I'm currently experiencing with my computer. For whatever reason, despite the fact that my wireless adaptor card is working and I am technically connected to our wireless network I cannot get on the 'net. This is beyond frustrating for a blog a holic and new teacher who needs her access to the WEB! Please, computer gods, work with me. So I've hijacked my dad's work laptop for the day (my parent's "family" computer is ancient and I can do nothing but read on it) to try and get my lesson plans finished for the week for a second time (that is a long story, but basically be thankful that you don't work in a school district that decides to have it's overworked teachers create new curriculum maps for the school year AFTER THE YEAR HAS STARTED. What? Yeah. Not happy, but busting my arse, cause what else can you do?). So between rewriting EVERYTHING I had already planned, making a new curriculum map for one of our courses (thank god, we each only had to do one) and making all the pre/post exams, which are all based on new DOE statutes, that oh, hey btw,they changed the freaking codes on! I haven't had much time for blogging. Sorry loves.

And what photography I have done has been rather scatterbrained. Hi, My Name is Jess and I fail as a food blogger. Oy. I even when to a good friend's wedding yesterday and was totally psyched to get sat in the front isle only to realize that my camera, was not in my purse where it normally hides out. Oh no, it was on my desk, waiting to be uploaded, to a computer that can't freaking connect to the Internet! ahhhh. It was a lovely wedding and I am so excited for the new Mr. and Mrs. even if I have nothing to show for it.
Here is a bit of what I have been eating:

Sorry for the spastic post. I miss you guys, but am drowning in this teaching thing right now. Luckily my kids are still great. And my running is improving. Which is good, considering I'm supposed to be running a 5k in about a month. Yipes.

Hope everyone is have a relaxing weekend....I don't think I'll be having one of those until June 6th, 2010, so have a drink by the pool for me, ok?

Love to all,
~A just slightly overwhelmed, Jess


Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

My computer and I are love hate as well. Oh technology.

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