Friday, August 28, 2009

She's baaaaaack!

Hi loves!
Miss me? I sure missed you. I finally have my computer/Internet duo up and running thanks to some help from my friendly and fabulous "computer geeks" that do wonders for our district. Seriously, they are 3 of the best men in my life and not just because they allowed me to reaccess my blog obsession.

Tonight's post is going to be short and sweet soon since I am drogging (blogging while drinking to be polite) and a tad over emotional since Mum and I have been watching the Ted Kennedy memorial since 7pm. Why did I not know what a wonderful man he was until he died? Why had the Kennedy legacy along with Vietnam, The Gulf War and many other "modern" historical events been glossed over in my history education? I am saddened that we have lost such a wonderful advocate for equal rights, reading initiatives and of course health care. I can only hope that the remaining members of the Senate, Congress and all of Washington will be inspired to live up to the standard that Senator Kennedy has set for so many years. God Rest his Soul and bring Peace to his family.

Regularly scheduled posting will begin again tomorrow. And please know that since my Reader inbox is nearly 1000 even if I'm not commenting, I'm reading and catching up on all the exciting things happening in your lives.

Love to all,
~ A saddened but oh so hopeful, Jess


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