Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hi dears!
This is going to be quick, since I have to run out the door to our Open House in a few minutes.
I had a busy and productive day and am confident I will be ready for the first week after tomorrow-or that's what I keep telling myself anyways!

And straight to the eats.

Breakfast was a Slimfast chugged in the car. I know these have some funky ingredients in them, but they are choc-full of vitamins, so if I'm running late I just grab one out of the fridge. Also, since I don't photo document while driving, I have no evidence. Sorry.

Lunch was simple but tasty. See for yourself:1/2 a turkey sandwich (real roast turkey, not lunchmeat!) on Honey Wheat bread with lettuce and a smear of mayo. Another delicious peach and key lime yogurt...the tart flavors of Yoplait I still enjoy, but was daydreaming about making my own version with plain greek yogurt, lime juice and zest and perhaps some gram crackers.

Dinner may look blah but it was packed with spicy flavors:
Scrambled eggs (1 medium egg and 1 egg white plus milk and Texas Pete) with onions and mushrooms and a slice of extra spicy pepper jack cheese. Topped with some ketchup of course. On the side I had a piece of "Nutty" bread with hummus.

To calm my sweet (aka stressed and tired) tooth I had the last 1/3 of a Heath bar that was lurking in the pantry. Yum.Now I must run. But not literally...this is the problem with working out after work but I have to get up so early just to get ready I can't fit my runs in the morning anymore. Sigh.

Love to all,
~a wondering if it is time for bed yet, Jess

PS. I'm going to WPB to celebrate one of my bestie's-an fellow new teacher!-birthday, so I will see you guys late on Sunday. Enjoy your weekends!


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

Everybody is a teacher now but me. Maybe one day. :) I love and miss you so much and I'm glad I can keep up-to-date with you on your blog. It sounds so exciting!

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