Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exhausted but Still Smiling.....

That's me! I don't think I've been this tired since camp. Anyone? Anyone? I guess the love of kids just sucks it out of you. While I'm totally worried about a 1001 things right now: do my kids actually get what I'm teaching or are they just nodding? Gosh I hope they don't all bomb the test next week. Speaking of tests will they do good on FCAT? FCahhhhhhT is more like it! How do I deal with hover parents (it's day three people, seriously?) can I ever get the damn get your copies in 24hrs in advance thing? My brain is whoring, so I am taking a "night off" which means dealing with all the shizz I've been putting off the last 2ish weeks while I've been in "teacher mode" not stop-ok no stop sans a rocking weekend in WPB. Phew. I've got most of my bizz-naz taken care off and after a little blog writing and stalking I just have some light (I hope) paper grading to do.

Thanks to everyone for your support. It means to world to me. I love having each and everyone of you in my life! Seriously. If I could hug and kiss you all, I would. And yes, that means whether you like it or no! haha.

I'm also taking another break from my training schedule today thanks to Mother Nature. She thought dumping on my neighborhood would be cool when I really TRULY wanted to run today. And no Jillian Michaels did not fill the void. Bletch. Some inversions might on the agenda, no doubt.

Breakfast today was like running into a long lost lover's arms. Well, ok, perhaps I'm a tad overdramatic, but it was good.
GreenMonster with Van SoyMilk, 3 giant handfuls of spinach and a whole banana. Plus a generous spoonful of Naturally More peanut butter. Couldn't finish that beast. I also had a toasted WG English Muffin with some new Pumpkin Butter, which was tasty, but I wish had more straight up pumpkin flavor and less molasses. It has a nice and clean ingredients list though. I couldn't finish this either, so the Chubster glady ate the other 1/2.

Lunch was some leftover Turkey soup-oh so still amazing. Have I mentioned that I love soup? Because I've got to share a secret with you guys, I LOVE SOUP.Plus grapes and a SoyJoy bar I did not eat. It's hanging out in my snack drawer now. Lonely little bar.....

Dinner was a join effort from Mum and I. We repurposed the dreaded (so says my tummy) pork roast into a messy mexican-ish meal. I made black beans and got the toppings together while she cubed up and spiced up the pork.
My plate had pork and a tiny sprinkle of cheese in a falling apart WW tortilla topped with lettuce, tomato, purple onion, green olives and japs. But most of my plate was dedicated to black beans. Have I mentioned I also LOVE black beans? Yeah, I do. Plus a little dollop of sour cream and a few chips to scoop up my messy, mess.

Mom thought her plate was much prettier and I agree. So she said I should take a picture of it. So I did. Pretty.

Now on to some excitement.
A great camp friend of mine, Brittany ( who I now live near again, yay!) gave me the Premium Meme Award yesterday.

For this, I have to list seven traits about myself and then pass the award onto seven other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog.

So, I choose:

Hollywood of The Hollywood Memoirs
Jenna of Sounds and Furies from an All American Girl
Lindsey of Life According to Mrs. LC
Allison of Green Dog Wine
Kailey of Snackface
Wiggs of The Beholder
Angela of Oh She Glows

And now Seven Traits about Jess:

1-I am a complete and utter SPAZ. No really, I am. Oh wait, you noticed? haha. I am always in a rush and by trying to do 4 billion things at once usually drop or break something. I even fell off my one of my moderately high heeled wedges hustling books over to the office during my planning period today. Thankfully no one saw me, I think? I hope.

2-In spite of my spaz-i-ness I was a classically ballet dancer from age 3 through my freshman year of high school. Yes, I did pointe and everything. Hard to believe? I don't blame you. I miss it terribly and often wonder if I made the right choice in choosing to stay with the band while I was in HS instead of dance, but eh, it's in the past. (for those of you who are confused I was the girl who did EVERYTHING. Dance, band, 4H, Hunter Jumper Horsemanship-so something had to give. Course then I became a cheerleader. haha, it ever stops.

3-I'm actually very shy. You would never believe that if you saw me with a group of my friends, but meeting new people is SO HARD for me, because I just clam up. So there, secret's out.

4-I cannot take a short shower to save my life. Just ask my parents, they begged me to take shorter showers for years when I was a kid and eventually gave up. Rightly so. My roomies can voutch too.

5-I love to laugh. Hard. Belly Rolling, Gut Shaking Laughter. I could put your Uncle Chuck's gawawfs to shame.

6-I believe the day you stop learning is when you die. No further explanation needed.

7-I find motivation, humor and inspiration in strangers. I have spent many an afternoon on a park bench just casually observing people come and go. And to keep this from getting to mushy, because of all my park stalking I have the uncanny ability to recognize people from a distance simply by how they walk. That and I'm nearly blind, so it's helpful!

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me tonight.
Of to cuddle with the dog and grade some papers.
Love to all,
~A sleep and stuffy, Jess


Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

Camp Tired=School Tired. That's a very good tired equivalent. Except there are no Intersessions. Trust me, weekends DO NOT EQUAL Intersessions.

On the upside, we get paid more. (Barely, but more nonetheless!)

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