Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moving on up?

Well, up the state at least! Tomorrow morning I'll be loading up my shiz, [with the help of my bestie Jenna, her brother, and my wonderful parents. I'm so lucky to have such a great support team!] and trucking it-haha, get it?- up the state to Bell, where everything is swell! haha, let's hope I keep saying that and not where it's hell, which is what I used to say as an angsty teen!

So, I survived the deep FRI and am really excited about starting the year of pumped and ready to help kids, even though I will admit my brain was buzzing with stats and acronyms by the end of the 2 day inservice (can you keep track of AYP's, NCLBs? SWD's and FRL? I can now, but yipes!). Preplanning starts Monday and since I got my hands on my curriculum maps early, since I'm a new teacher and all, I'm really excited to get to work. Mom helped me get my desk and the kids tables dragged (literally!) around Monday night and thank God for that. I'll post all the pictures after I finish decorating the room, but let me tell you I walked into a mess. I'm pretty pumped for the year though. And in even more exciting news, all three of my college roommates, Jenna, myself and our third who is in WPB are all employed teachers for the new year! So very exciting. Smart cookies, we are? haha.

I haven't just been relaxing since Tuesday though, oh no! Mom continued to be the best and came back down to St. Pete with me on Tuesday night [after some yummy leftovers of chicken and yellow rice-so addictive!] to help me finish packing. And I must say, we are wonderwomen! in about 16 hours we have packed my whole place. The only thing I had done was take my clothes home and pack my bookshelves. Now we just are waiting for my "moving crew" to get here and I'll be running out to Westshore to get some yummy pizzas!

Mom and I didn't spend the whole time packing though...a girl's got to live up her last night in a fun town a little, once we got sick of look at this:
And this:We headed off to Red Mesa Cantina downtown. And oh did the yumminess ensue! As you may recall I had gone there once before with some co-workers, but we only had drinks. Mom and I started with house margaritas (of course!) and the Topos-or a trio of dips:
Guac, queso with chorizo sausage (dangerously good!) and a really yummy black bean dip chock full of garlic and topped with Chihuahua cheese, oh yum! Served with really yummy hand made chips for dipping. Try as hard as we could we couldn't even put a tiny dip in this starter.

Most items on the menu are served tapas style so Mom and I split one of the evening's specials, which was 4 mini tostadas topped with avocado, greens, diced tomatoes, fresh crabmeat and topped with a creamy chipotle sauce:I drizzled mine with Red Mesa's Rojo sauce, oh so yummy. We also ordered 4 a la carte tacos. Spicy Shrimp (on a plate by it's self) and Mahi Mahi for Mom and the Duck and Rajas (all veggie) for me.
I only had a taste of Mom's and they were good, but pretty basic for a "fish taco" yummy blackened seafood on a bed of spicy slaw. The Rajas (which is a saute of chilies traditionally) was pretty tasty but a bit oily. It actually reminded me of my grandpa's "Boggs Potatoes" which are just pan fried potatoes with onions and peppers. The homemade tortillas are very tasty, but since these tacos were very full, I just ended eating the insides. My duck taco stole the night though.
Duck - Roast duck, grilled pineapple, goat cheese, cilantro, red chile jelly
Oh man was it good too. I loved the red chile jelly and the sweetness of the pineapple really cut through the intense goat cheese flavors and the savoriness of the meat. If you like duck I highly recommend this dish.

Today Mom and I got really creative for lunch when we realized in our packing frenzy we had not left out a single bowl, pot or any real silverware. The only appliances we had were the microwave and oven. So considering our limited food choices and even more limited cooking options we whipped up this lovely lunch:

Fish stick wraps (yes, again-but I do love these babies) on whole grain tortillas with Sabra red pepper hummus, hot sauce, American cheese and diced tomatoes. All made using tin foil, a plastic knife and the oven, of course! We also finished off a box of Archer Farms Sourdough Cheddar twists. Oh the side we had the last lonely Fuji apple and some sad cherries with the last scrapping of my Maranatha Almond Butter. Satisfying, healthy and all out of a beyond barebones kitchen! We rock!

Now it's time for me to pack up Ol Rusty, my computer. My next post will be from my new digs, aka my old bedroom. haha, oh the things we do, right?

Have a great weekend, loves!
~A ready to pack it in (a uHaul truck!), Jess


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