Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unload of Thoughts and Food.....

Hi all,
I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I still can't believe that in one weekend I have moved back to my roots, put my stuff in storage, am currently blogging from my childhood bedroom/turned guest room/turned my temporary living quarters until the abarnment is finished, AND I am officially starting work at a high school science teacher tomorrow for preplanning! Ack!

All these changes had me thinking about my blog and eating/exercise habits. Frankly the past few weeks I've been really slacking on both my eating habits and for sure in the workout world. I have fallen into this bad habit of only posting the "good" things I eat so I can "fit in" with the healthy living blog world I so love, but that hasn't really been truly changing the way I treat my body. Yes, I have tried some new products thanks to what I come across on the blogosphere and have been doing my best to eat more wholesome foods (ie, less artificial ingredients, more veggies, more lean proteins) but I've still been mostly eating the same things that have always "worked" for me or more accurately, made me "happy."

I'm just rambling a bit here, but my point is I'm going to try to give you guys more of an idea of what I REALLY eat on a daily basis (and hold myself a bit more accountable) and also try to vary my meals a bit, so it's more interesting for all of us, right? Right. Also, I'm going to try and post a bit more frequently so I don't end with with so many "mega" posts. I can't promise that this will always happen, but I'm working towards it.

I'm also firmly back on my training plan for my rapidly approaching 5k. I had making excuses the past few weeks as I was finishing up my job and prepping for the move as to why I "couldn't" do this run or that workout and I'm kind of fed up with myself. If I want to get fit I have to DO IT. I'm going to use the suggestion that I "want" to do X, instead of saying I "need" to do it. And today after doing 2 mile long walks with my family (one in the AM and one in the PM) plus rejoining Jilian on level 2 of the 30 day shred I feel much better, back on track and motivated to keep going down this road. Phew! Thanks for letting me get all that out.

Now, let's take a gander at my eats this weekend (some healthier eating was needed after the unphotographed splurge lunches my last week at work and packing/moving days):
Saturday I made a light lunch using the end of the chicken and yellow rice that my mom made the previous weekend and making "rice salad" which is a meal I picked up from Top Chef (I think it was from the contestant Antonia, but I'm not 100%) which combines warm rice with cold green and veggie and of course mayo as a dressing (no wonder I like it right?). I love the combo of temperatures, but need to use less Duke's next time. This is a great go to meal though, especially if you keep that 1-min rice on hand.

After church that evening we visited Ruby Tuesday's to take advantage of the salad bar. Now I'm not an advocate of "chain American" restaurants (think Applebee's, Chilli's, etc) and while Ruby Tuesday falls in that category I've always enjoyed their food and salad bar. I also feel like they have cleaned up their menu more in the past few years and offer some fairly healthy options. I got the salad bar meal paired with 2 mini turkey sliders and steamed broccoli (in lieu of the "endless fries"). Of course I did pair my meal with a "large" craftbeer of the day, which was Yingling. But come on, a girl needs a good lager in her life and that's one thing I'm just not willing so sacrifice.
I really enjoyed this meal-so much in fact I forgot to get a shot of the sliders and brock, but it was tasty and satisfying without being greasy. I felt really good about these choices, especially since I usually don't like asking for subsist ions on menu items but I'm glad I did in this case. I was a waitress all though HS and college and this was a HUGE pet peeve of mine, but I think I need to have the mind set that I am paying for this meal, so it is my right to get it how I like it. In a polite fashion of course! :)

Today was spend finishing organizing my room and getting ready for school to start in a week! (ahhhh! Not ready yet, yipes) I awoke to the smell of breakfast. My Mom had made a veggie and cheddar omelet for her and Dad and and had kindly left a portion for me.
With part of a sliced peach and whole grain toast-dry if you please!

After my afternoon workout with JM I was ready for some pool time and made this snack platter to enjoy along with some HP time too! (I'm a multitasker, even when relaxing!)
I had a small banana with Naturally More pb and some organic honey. Plus a handful of cherries and a handful of mixed peanuts, cashews and sesame sticks. I LOVE this mix. So tasty!

My Dad made a classic Sunday dinner tonight and roasted a small turkey on the grill. Mom and I prepped more steamed broccoli (luckily I can eat this every night, cause I nearly do!) and mashed red bliss potatoes. With a side salad drizzled with light bleu cheese (which I'm trying to finish-when you add my fridgefull of condiments to my parents, well lets say I need to do some cleaning out, via eating up! haha) While I say I'm not a turkey fan, I really enjoyed this meal and when back for seconds on everything (which is unusual for me!).

I've been snacking on the last of the "cake balls" that my Dad's friend's wife sent home with us last week. These are too good. I'm glad to have them out of the house! haha.
Now I'm off to relax with HP a bit more. I'm re reading the 5th and 6th books in prep to read the 7th book I recently picked up in paperback. I know borrowed and read it when it came out, but I honestly couldn't tell you what happens. At all! haha.

Love to all,
~A forgetful Harry Potter Fan, Jess


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