Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rah-Rah Day

No, I haven't become the cheerleading sponsor at my high school...those girls are in capable hands right now, as I know first hand after chatting with my hall neighbor/squad sponsor this afternoon. I'm really pumped for football season....I just love the crisp autumn nights (well we get about 2 of those a I guess I love the sweltering autumn nights?) on a freshly mown and painted football field, the sound of pads hitting, whistles blowing, the drumline and trilling woodwind sections and of course the rustle of pom poms! but I'm digressing, as usual. Nope, the Rah-Rah came from our District meeting today-each school made up a song/cheer and then competed with the other schools. It was fun. We won "most creative use of mascot" not that it really means anything!

After the meeting which lasted until 2pm by the time lunch was served and all (and yes, I took pictures-keep reading, my dears) I booked it back to my campus and got a few hours work in. I think I just may be ready for the first week by Friday, but I don't want to jinx myself just yet! Then I booked it home to get in a quick run before the rains set in. I did a quick mile running various lenghts of time at differing speeds-which for mean means between a 1o-12 min mile pace. Slow and steady may just finish the race is my motto! haha-each interval was followed by a 60second walk break: 90 seconds, 2.5 mins, 60 seconds, 2 mins, 90 seconds, 60 seconds, 60 seconds. It ended up being random, but it was nice to move around after sitting in an auditorium nearly all day. Jumping in the pool afterwards was a nice treat too!

Now I've just finished up a birthday gift for one of my best girls whom I will see this weekend! and am going to catch up on what I missed in all of YOUR lives the past few days.

But before I sign off here were my eats for the day (nothing too exciting, so hang on....)

Breakfast was to be served at our meeting this morning too, but since I didn't know what it was I decided to have a huge peach and a cup of tea for a "just in case" breakfast.I'm glad I went this route, since I was a little nervous being at the huge district gathering and felt out a little out of my element, especially since I was seeing a lot of my old teachers and getting their (positive!) reactions to my new teaching post. Needless to say I didn't partake in the grits, eggs and biscuits I understand were served (although I do love all of the above!) and frankly while I would have eaten the likely over buttered items had I felt more at ease my peach held me over just fine until lunch....

Which was done for us by the Education Foundation, the president of which as her own catering company, so she did our meal. It consisted of smoked chicken, hot potato and artichoke salad, broccoli casserole, a mixed fruit cup, a yummy dinner roll and some banana pudding for desert.
The plating was done by the school board members, so I actually ate the leg part of the chicken, most of the potatoes, all the broccoli, the fruit, the whole roll-because it was SO good, and I'm not even a dinner roll kind of girl, and 3/4 of the banana pudding, because it's a weakness of mine! It was very tasty, but perhaps a little to rich (aka greasy) for my system, cause I've felt like crap the rest of the day.

My dinner-which I picked at since I wasn't feeling so hot was just leftovers from earlier in the week:
Roast Turkey, a dab of mashed red bliss potatoes, steamed broccoli (thank goodness I love this vegetable-it seems to be the only one I'm eating as of late!) and some sliced tomatoes. With milk of course-I drink milk nearly every night with dinner. Never out grew that childhood thing I guess.

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening.
Love to all,
~A nursing a cup of peppermint tea, Jess

PS. Here is a funny picture from today. Myself with my Mom and some of the Ya's. They all work at the rival school to mine, which ironically is my alma matter. So we had to document the color clash, since we were all wearing our spirit colors today.


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