Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hi all,

Any movie buffs in the house? No, well, that's a bummer because I'm not one either. Except for a very brief stint in college when we had 4 dollar late night showings at the walk to cinema I usually only see 2-3 movies a year. It's not that I don't love the movies, because I do totally do: action, drama, comedy, documentaries, even romantic comedies (anything but horror really), you name it I'd go see it. But see, growing up I lived out in the bonnies (the same boonies I live in currently, to be accurate) and the nearest movie theatre is 45mins away and then after college when I was broke and living by myself in St. Pete I never went to the movies...not because I'm against going by myself, because I'm not, I've gone often by myself and would again....I just couldn't rationaize the cost and all my extra pocket money was going towards yoga classes anyways.

But lucky for me this Christmas Break one of my best friends, Clint is home from grad school in Mississippi and he LOVES the movies and used to be one of my action film buddies back in WPB, so on Sunday night we trekked in to Gville to see Avatar in 3D. We didn't plan to see either Avitar or in 3D particularly, but this is what the scheduling gods put before us, so we jumped on it.

I honestly had no intrest in seeing Avatar before Sunday and really only went because of the timing and Clint aggressively hinting that it should be good. So, we paid our 13.25 each! (ouch, like whoa) for our nifty 3D glasses (well that's how much the ticket costs and of course it comes with 3D glasses) and after a mini-photoshoot which was only enjoyed by one of us, (guess which one):We settled in with our snacks- from the cafe at Books a Million, I knew I wasn't up for the uber salty popcorn and candy at the theatre, although it did smell wonderful- and I was engrossed for the next 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Snacks included Rice Nuts- if you like the Asian puffed rice snacks you will love these little gems plus chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

I really enjoyed this movie: the story had some interesting science concepts and while it was rather predictable it was still quick and fun to follow, vivid colors, no seriously the colors amazed me and I LOVE color not to mention the flat out action. Was it the best movie ever? No. Should you go see it? Yes.

Love to all,
~an action film lover herself, Jess


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