Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun Friday Fajitas- Family Style

Happy Friday, my loves!

We've survived another week of working hard for the money and for my fellow teachers out there it's only 2 more weeks until Christmas Break! Hooray! I'm seriously more excited than the kids, how bad is that? hehehe.

So, I'm actually out celebrating my 14th Anniversary of my heart surgery and relationship with my darling little pacer with some of my Gville dollbabies tonight....but no reason to be absent here on the Semi Chronicles. So, for a little entertainment and salivatory gland excitement here are some Fun Friday Fajitas:

First, cut up copious amounts of onions and green bell peppers. And by "cut up" I mean slice really thinly, but long know, into strips. Oh and by "copious" I mean 1 mediumish onion and 1 large bell pepper. In the meantime, con your mother or roommate of choice into picking the meat off some leftover grilled chicken leg quarters.

Saute the veggies with some "fat" (EVOO, butter, margarine) of your choice until tender and on the cusp of caramelized. Dump in the chicken (yes, "dump in" is a refined culinary term!). Heat and season to taste with black pepper, Cayenne pepper and cumin.

Then smoother with cheese because that is the only way your father will eat Mexican food. (I tried to feed him chimichurri sauce the other go!)

Now grab a tortilla and go to town! Add shredded lettuce and diced tomato if you so desire...I did.Pair it up with some smooshed black beans (I'll give you guys the recipe soon, promise) topped with greek yogurt.

Marvel at yet another satisfying meal while ignoring the ugly coffee maker in the background and then scarf it up. Yummmmmmy. Now I just need a margarita and a Latin Luver.

Happy Friday to ya muchachos!

Love to all,
~a more than slightly loco, Jess


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