Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Top really is Tops!

This weekend was my 14th anniversary of my open heart surgery and surprise pacemaker implantation. While I never underwent this surgery with slightest knowledge of the possible outcome of having a pacemaker for the rest of my life, I've become pretty fond of the little booger (or boogers- I'm on number 3!) over the years and when people drunkenly (well, and sometimes not so drunkenly-shame on them!) ask if my scar is a "hickey" it always makes for an interesting night....yes, I have a conversation starter right on my chest...who knew?

So, to celebrate Christine and I hit up one of her favorite restaurants in Gville (and one I'd heard great things about from multiple sources....not that my 'stiner isn't a great info source!), The Top (which doesn't appear to have it's own website? Weird).

My overall opinion? Well, let's just say I WILL be going back.....and with some regularity, me thinks. Let me show you why:

A full bar, with some decent drafts and a fun "mixed beer menu"...I've had the classic snakebite (Guinness and Cider) before, etc, but this list had some I wasn't as familiar with. I got the "Dirty Hoe" which if you click to enlarge you can note it is Blue Moon with Raspberry Lambic. It was very tasty...although if pouring this myself at home I will go a little heavier on the framboise next time! (PS. I am just in love with this photo....what do you guys think? Be honest, please! I'm working on improving my foodography!)

I was told the sweet potato fries are to die for guess what we had for an app?

Very tasty...the perfect thin cut; crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with sprinkle of course salt. The garlic dipping sauce really set it off too. I love savory and while I make a sweet potato and black bean salad that has garlic in it I'd never though of a garlic sauce for sweet potato fries. So yummy!

For my entree I was torn between a few items, but decided to go the route of tofu (I forgot to mention that the Top has both vegetarian, vegan and meat all consumers can go happily to dine!) because while I really enjoy tofu myself I haven't quite mastered the art of making it well for myself (yet!).

Pecan encrusted tofu with shitake mushroom gravy over red bliss mashed potatoes and really great steamed broccoli. This meal was awesome....and huge! I totally had leftovers for another dinner in the week!

Apparently you can't go to the Top and not get dessert, so when in Rome....have dessert?

Cranberry carrot cake with the most orgasmic cream cheese frosting- no lie, orgasmic! I make damn good cream cheese frosting myself, but they either put crack or Ecstasy in this stuff! Wooow! Also, I loved how strong the cranberry flavor was, since I'm a HUGE cranberry fan. Oh man....if for nothing else for for this frosting! GO!

We didn't like it...not one bit!

And to Top it off....the take away containers? Totally green! Love it!

If you are in or near Gville go check it out (oh and leave me a comment too...because I'd love to know all you Nor Central Beauties who are lurking around!)

Love to all,
~a head over Tops, Jess


Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd eat at the Top every day and never get sick of it. It's my #1 Gainesville restaurant!

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