Monday, December 21, 2009

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas....

Hi all,

So, I'm finally getting into the swing of Christmas over here in NorCenFLA, but I'm not going to lie, it's been a slow upstart! Between work and well, work I just haven't been able to get into the spirit of things, but now that I've finally had the chance to slow down, sleep a little (ok, A LOT) and relax I'm really ready to get started on one of my favorite holidays. I've also come to grips with the fact that as we get older some holiday traditions just may not be possible anymore, since people change, accidents happen and often our priorities are shifted.

So, reflections aside, anyone want to decorate a tree? (oh, pick me, pick me!)

So we actually got our tree a week ago (as in, drove to the farm and cut it down...there are some perks to living in the boonies!), but hadn't gotten further than lights and garland, thanks to Dad!

So, Mom and I unpacked all our ornaments, each with a story of course.

My favorites, the annual Breyer stirrup collection. I get a new one in my stocking each year! This year I am parading them all around the tree...very cute!

The finished product.

I hung 95% of the ornaments this year...and then mom ruined it, I mean added the icicles. I can't stand them....but I'm out ruled. every. single. year. Oh well. ;)

A few more faves:

My Cheshire Cat! I love all things Alice in Wonderland...especially Cheshire Cat stuff, and it's all rather hard to find anymore. I had a whole collection of Alice ornaments, but they were blown glass and one year our tree crashed, twice! Sadly that collection didn't survive.

The Mini Story books!

And my Jessica Boot, that my Gra handmade 23 years ago! Love it!

Do you have any special ornaments that you hang with care each year?

Now this Christmas elf is off to play carpenter before she can wrap presents and write Christmas cards.

Love to all,
~a finally getting with it, Jess

PS. Totally Random: I was out for a 1.1 mile run yesterday with 30h3! (going running with them, it was great!) when a Jeep stopped after I called my dummy dog back from chasing the said Jeep and I was a little freaked out. Turns out it was a newish neighbor who just wanted to say hi. Then she proceeds to open the hatch of her vehicle and it is filled with poinsettias! Merry Christmas she says as she hands me 4 of them! So kind and so beautiful! Turns out she and her husband own a nusery, but still, FOUR poinsettias is a lot!


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