Friday, December 11, 2009

Stubbies Flashback!

Hello my loves!

I am currently BPOE bound (that is Camp Boggy Creek's Best Party on Earth Holiday Party if you don't speak "camp") this Friday so while I will have no new Stubbies Shenanigans tonight I thought I should take this opportunity to fill you in on last week's "throw down" at good old Stubs.

We started off the night with some classic carboloading- Chubby Mac n Cheese, baby! (it's a joke on "Fatty mac n cheese, you nevermind then!)
With veggies of course....we are responsible broccoli cauliflower luvas, you know.
Oh, I just realized that you probably think I'm some narcissistic freak because I keep saying "we" but the lovely meal I just showed you was made with care by the wonderful Christine for myself- her honorary roomie, and Ross- the boy.

And we really didn't like it either.....

After a wet and blustry drive towndown and a quick scuttle from the parking lot to the warm cozy embrace of Stubbies bar I could finally settle down with my first brew of the evening.St. Barnabus Christmas Ale was on draft, so I said yes please! this was a very refreshing and tasty ale, but not as strong the cinnamon and cloves as I was hoping for....I hope I haven't worn my tastebuds out with all the seasonal pumpkin ales in October and November!

Ol' Barnby went down fast, so up next I had to try the Rouge Hazelnut that some friends of mine had been raving about....It was very tasty, a nice brown ale (which I find myself falling for more and more often!) with an after taste of hazelnut, and I would recommend this to others, and I'll be getting it again for rizzle. Plus you have to love the fab bottle's Rouge beers come in....oh and speaking of bottles I split this big boy with 'Stiner, because it has two servings per bottle!

And what better way to wrap up an evening of somewhat random beer selections than with a Piraat (which is pronouned either Purrrr rat! Like a purring cat followed by a rat. OR Pirate! as in Arg, matey I'm a pirate! This apparently depends on which end of the bar you sit on and I was stuck right in the middle with you....oh stuck in the middle with you...clowns to the left of me, jokers to the....oh ok, I'll stop.

And with my off key singing I'll sign off.

Love to all,
~A joker to the right, Jess


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