Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is anyone else....

....still struggling with the dratted time change?

I am for-rizzle. It makes me be a lazy cuddle bug (with Harvey or my novel, of course) and neglect my training, not to mention my lecture notes and ever growing stack of papers to be graded. I need to give myself a swift kick in the arse, this I know....I just haven't done it yet. I am going on a new biking trail this weekend if the rain holds off, so I won't be a complete bum this week. Sheesh.

In the meantime I have been enjoying some wonderful meals, including this fantastic Turkey Quiche (which frankly is the only reason I enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, because you guys I'm sure are sick of me telling you I don't really like turkey). Oh, did I mention? I don't really like turkey....haha, had to do it!

This baby with a side cup of Wolfie's (Wolf Gangpuck that is) Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup (with 0% Fage of course) makes the dreaded turkey day SO worth it!

The crust is actually leftover stuffing, molded in to the piepan and then lightly broiled. Filled with wonderful sauteed onions (the kitchen smelled like French Onion Soup....which has me craving that like mad now!) turkey, eggs and Swiss cheese. Oh so good.

If you still have any Tday remains I highly recommend this one!

Love to all,
~A I'll stop the world and quiche with you, Jess


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