Saturday, December 19, 2009

No, I didn't not fall of the face of a mountain......

Hey all,

Sorry, long time no post (aka a week!) but between wrapping up at school for the holiday break (if only blogger wasn't blocked at work...I could get so much done! haha) and some personal crap I've just been having writers block and it's my personal theory that if you aren't having fun writing it than your readers (yes, all 9 of you....delurk if I didn't include you in that number!) won't have any fun reading it!

So I'm back back to blogging and thankfully to running! I went on my first run this afternoon in at least a month? Maybe 6 weeks!? ack! I did a mile in about 15mins (walk/run) and between the cooler weather and my new baby (not the ipod...the arm band) it was pretty sweet!

Please ignore the flushed face and awful hair.....I'm not a "pretty" exerciser!

Can you believe I've never worked out with music before except for the techno shit at the gym (which you all know how frequently I frequent the gym, ha!)? This was great...the beat really kept me going and I was able to bribe myself into, "ok you can walk for this verse, but you are running when the chorus comes back on". So fabulous. This may be a break though for me (or it may just be the exercise endorphins talking), because I would have totally gone further than my usual mile loop (aka my driveway) but my leggings kept falling down...literally. As in my arse would be hanging out had I not been yanking them up every 2.4 seconds. Not cool.

My goal is to workout some how everyday of my break, running, biking, yoga or even busting out my dreaded 30 Day Shred DVD again....I've started it twice and not made it past day 19 either time. Whoops!

So there, I said it out loud....feel free to email or comment me to see if I have upheald my goal.

Now I've got to get my stinky booty into the shower so I can got to Mass and then see the Lovely Geno at La Fiesta! Ole!

Love to all,
~a finally on vacay, Jess


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

I've heard that the best running music is power ballads; slow and smooth to keep you at a good pace but just enough crescendo to keep you motivated. Good luck with your plan! Now that I no longer have a gym membership, I'm trying to stretch everyday and get myself really flexible.

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