Saturday, September 19, 2009

92 bottles of beer on the list! oh 92.....

...bottles of beer! I can't wait to take another one down and pass it around.....ok you get the point! Last night was yet another fantastic night at Stubbies and so far in 2 weekends I've crossed off 8 beers from the 100 Beers in a Year Challenge. And without further ado here they are:

I like to go light to dark when I'm drinking "craft" beers, it's a bit like starting with a light white wine if you are a wine drinkers so I knew I wanted to start my evening with a cider. I was excited to find out they had one on draft last night so the Ace Pear Cider was my first beverage of the evening.
It was a great cider, one of the best I've ever had. It has a lovely aroma that reminded me of apple blossoms (or perhaps that should be pear blossoms, since it's a pear cider? I've never smelled pear blossoms first hand so....)and fresh cut grass and was very light and refreshing with out leaving that sickly sweet feeling on my teeth like some ciders are prone to do. I would definitely have this again!

Next up was a Golden Pheasant Draft. I know I enjoyed this lovely glass, but I don't remember anything specific or special about it. Just a nice refreshing brew.

It turns out that both Christine and I were considering the same beer for our 3rd round of drinks and since she is often distrustful of "dark" beers I went ahead and ordered the Chimay Cinq Cents.

It came in a goblet, which made me very excited, because I'm a silly little girl when it comes to my beer coming in something other than a pint glass. (so, PS. I liked the tall boy that my Pheasant came in too!). I really enjoyed this beer and for some reason I was very entertained by the fact that it's brewed in an abbey....I guess I was getting a smidgen loopy at this point.

Next up actually got passed to me when Christine rejected it, lucky for all of us I enjoyed it and the wonderful bartenders took care of switching this Fuller's Extra Special Beer on to my tab instead.I started laughing though when Christine got served her replacement beer (mine is in the pint glass on the left, her's is in the globlet on the right), since it was much darker than the one she passed off to me. It all about personal taste though!

Now to be perfectly honest I should have just stopped with the Fullers ESB, but I had already picked out the Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout to be my last drink before I got passed the Fullers, and being the stubborn Irish Gal I am I went off and ordered it anyways.
It was a delicious, dark and creamy darling and I'm quite glad I got it; I was slightly overbeered at this point though, I will not lie. I don't like feeling sleepy and slurry when I'm out in public but I felt fine this morning so all is well.

Another fantastic night at Stubbies! Here's to many more....or at least 92 beers worth!

Love to all,
~an always blossoming beer enthusiast, Jess


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