Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful for Thursday.....

...because that means it is nearly Friday! Whoot.

Thanks for all the kind comments guys, both about my new teaching career and my little PDR! You all make me smile and push me to be a better Jess. Not only do I love getting comments, I love my job, seriously, so much in fact I've poured not only my heart and soul into it this past month but apparently my immune system too! Ack! Famous last words I had in my last post, about being happier and healthier. I guess I should have been referring to mental heath or something cause the next morning my body said, "haha, sucker, I'll show you!" No worries, I'm not going to start oinking or anything, just a pretty nasty head cold.

So, sorry I didn't post last night. It wouldn't have been very exciting and I'm shocked/elated to report that I was actually IN BED at 9:45pm last night! No thinking about bed, washing my face or waiting to finish that show, oh no, in bed. ahhhh. Seriously, I think laying down in my bed after a long day (and you all know that each and every one of our day's consists of a long day) is my favorite thing. I literally say, "ahhh" and trust me, even though I brought some work home with me this evening, I'm shooting for that 10pm bed time again. Early to bed but not before some serious yoga time. I've been neglecting it a little. Just hanging out in "rag doll" as Ms. Polly likes to say after my runs, but nothing else really and my spine decided to give me a not so stubble reminder that I've been ignoring it. Ok Ms. Spine, I hear you, Loud and Clear!

Alright, enough of the Anthropomorphism of my body parts, on to the eats!

Since I woke up feeling like cotton batting had replaced my brain yesterday morning I knew warm comfort food needed to be in my immediate future.
Old Fashioned oats with milk, raisins and a touch of salt. Just the way I like it. Sadly I only ate about a 1/4 of this, if that? I pounded down a small glass of carrot juice for the vitamins and lingered over a cup of Raspberry Zinger Tea which didn't get in the frame!

Lunch was more comfort food. V8 Butternut Squash soup and a slice of banana bread that one of my co workers so sweetly left in my mailbox.
I'm a total weirdo and dipped my bread into the soup. Nothing beats sweet and savory!

Dinner was a normal Jess meal (finally!). Chicken quesadilla with black beans and then all the "toppings" as a salad: lettuce, chopped tomato, purple onion and some sour cream.

Today, while I still am not feeling well I felt more like a eggy breakfast and made a extremely simple breakfast "burrito" which was 2 scrambled eggs topped with a slice of American Cheese and hot sauce wrapped in a soft taco shell. Random (for me!), but tasty.
Lunch was provided by the Army today, and to get it we had to still though a really poor recruitment presentation on which I will not even get into, for fear of losing the few loyal readers I have. Let's just say that combine a bad speaker with my liberal college mind and well, it wasn't pretty and I won't be suggesting to any of my student to join the Army. Navy, yes. Coast Guard of course, but not these buffoons. Ok. done.

Oh, so I don't have a picture, since like Kelly I'm trying to keep my blog life away from my professional life and there was no way to sneak a shot. It was just pork bbq, baked beans, tossed salad and some 'nanner puddin'. Thank goodness I didn't go vegetarian, or I would never get to eat for free here, even the beans had meat in them! haha. Instead of a picture of shredded pork here is a shot of our porker dog to appease you!
Luna is my Mom's dog and the mother of my Chubbster. Luna was originally to be my dog, but she choose Mom which is fine, cause Chub is the man for me! PS. She lays like this all the time, the little hootch!

Dinner was my idea, but my mum so kinda carried it out since I was afraid my nose would drip into dinner! haha.
Chicken, spinach and mushroom quiche that we baked on the grill to keep the house cooler and keep our energy usage down.
Very lite, very tasty and perfectly paired with a tossed salad, dressed up with greek olives and a drizzle of honey mustard. Lovely meal.

Speaking of lovely, I hope that is the kind of night you all are having.
I'm off to draw up a notebook grading rubric and get some Project Runway time in with my yoga!

Love to all,
~ a wheezy but not sleazy, Jess


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I should never read your blog on an empty stomach! I need a snack! ha

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