Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just a little Happy Tuesday Treat

Hi Loves,
Usually I spoil myself on my "month birthday" which is just the day that you were born on in any month of the year. So, my birthday is on April 23rd, so every 23rd of the month I try to treat myself with an extra yoga class, a pedicure, a slice of cheesecake, or a new outfit, but I had not be doing my monthly gifts to myself much in the past year due to lack of any spare finances. So, today Tuesday, September 8th of 2009 I deiced to get going a little early on celebrating my month birthday and bought myself a spiralizer! Whoot. Can't wait for it to get here. I've been wanting one for quite a while now, and can't wait to come up with some fun and curly foods! yay.

That has got to be the sign of a true foodie when you get super excited about just ordering a kitchen gatchet. That or I've totally gone off the deep end and/or am super lame. It's a 50/50 shot these days. I love telling my classes I'm a mean crazy lady. It's awesome. ;)

Other than the uproar over President Obama's presentation to the nation's students things are pretty quite at my school this week. It's test time for both my courses, so it's a slightly easier week on me, since all I have to do is review them (and review them, and review them and....you get the point).

Well that and the fact that I have serious reading addiction. Remember how I told you I was reading Adored this weekend? Well, I finished it. Last night. At 1:30am. And I get up at 5am. Whoops. I just get so wrapped up in my books, it's like a break up for me when I finish them. I seriously dreamt about the book all night, I mean the whole 4.5hrs I was in bed with the light actually off. I have a problem, but it's a blessed one.

Enough about my lameo life, on to the food now, ok? Ok.

Breakfast is a rather unappealing picture of scrambled eggs with American Cheese on top plus honey toast (olive oil spread with organic honey) and a glass of cranberry juice, but man did it taste good. I ended up eating the eggs on the toast like an open face sammie. I need to get some Kashi waffles and/or English muffins stat, because I am apparently craving breakfast sandwiches so bad I didn't even KNOW! (think that KNOW in the Dane Cook voice, "You don't even KNOW").
Lunch was one of my more genius ideas, if I say so myself. What's so special about a veggie burger on a whole grain sandwich roll? you might say. Well, I'm so glad you asked.
It's special when you sub cheese for left over crab dip from Sunday's "bar food" dinner plus tomato, lettuce and grey pupon mustard. Oh. My. Word. Don't be surprised if this is a repeat tomorrow. Plus some grapes, of course.

Dinner was also quite tasty. A Tex-Mexican salad consisting of:
spicy chicken
black beans
nacho chips
and a creamy salsa for dressing.
Whoozer, so good, I may have had a repeat bowl. Plus a tiny wedge of a cheese and salsa quesodilla.

Now I'm munching on a 1/2 square of Midnight Reverie 86% cocoa. Never thought I would like unsweet chocolate. So good, so good.

Hope everyone is off to a great short week!
Love to all,
~a contented and considering slacking on writing Jeopardy questions, Jess

PS. I just realized the quality of all my photos tonight are pretty sub par. Sorry folks. I get so frustrated when trying to do a decent photoshoot, but I'm starving and have no natural light. Oy.


Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

No worries on the giveaway! Happens to me all the time! Love the look of that Mex salad!

Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

I asked my boyfriend for a food processor for my birthday. ha! He said, maybe we should just buy one and he'd get me something else. I really want one though!

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