Tuesday, September 22, 2009


with the Stars is on, so I'm going to try and make this quick (famous last words). First up, sorry I've been so absent lately, with the exception of my beer laden post, which totally promotes health, don't cha know? I was just in a bit of a funk for a few days there and as a result my meals where too, not to mention my creativity to form a semi worth while reading blog.

Nothing terribly exciting going on. I'm so beyond swamped with work, it seems like everytime I take something off my todo list 4 things replace that one item! All the data that is required by the state is just a nightmare! But I am still really loving teaching and the best thing is I learn something new everyday, which is my goal in life...to never stop learning and growing. AND my "kids" are still pretty good mostly....I did get told by one of my students today that "You have really broad shoulders, Ms. M...." Um, thanks? All the better to play center on the football team? So random, and for those of you that haven't met me in person, I actually have rather narrow shoulders for the rest of my body....aren't high schoolers funny? Love it.

I have gotten out for a few runs, now that the rains have stopped and the ground is still nice and packed. They've been very slow (we are talking 13-14 min miles) but actually felt pretty good, which is my real goal...to enjoy running. I'm missing yoga like crazy, especially Denise and all the wonderful yogi's I practiced with at her studio, but I'm doing my own home practice to keep my spine and legs happy, and am still hoping to find a studio I enjoy. At the moment I'm just hoping to find one night a week I can try to attend classes. Yes, I work that much and yes, it is totally ridiculous!

And without further ado, here a some highlights of my recent eats.


Recovery Breakfast after a night of Stubbies brews, care off The Bagel Bakery! Ham, egg and Munster cheese on an everything bagel. I rarely eat bagels so this was a real treat. Also, I never thought I would say this, but a "energy" juice hit the spot much more than a coffee could have.

Kashi Go Lean waffle with almond butter, 1/2 a cut up peach and 0% Fage! Plus a scrambled egg, because it's not really breakfast in my book if it's missing eggs!Scrambled eggs with mushrooms...and ketchup, obviously!

Um, I have been eating more for lunch than just lemon hummus and wholegrain pita chips, I swear....I guess they just weren't photo worthy....that and sometimes I end up eating "lunch" as bites while the kids change classes.
A random, but very satisfying, mix of Morning Star Chikn Strips, a baked potato topped with 0% Fage, babagnaanoosh on spring mix and some dill pickle cashews. See, random, but satisfying! ;)

I know I've been screaming that I'm porked out, but when my mom made one of my favorite comfort meals of smothered mushroom porkchops, rice and broccoli, well, let's just say this plate was veeeeery clean when I was done!

Some very tasty mushroom raviolis with saute' zucchini, peppers and onions with some marania sauce. These may have just been store bought Bertoli ravioli (in the cold case, fyi) but they were stellar!

Now I'm off to grade papers with the stars!

Love to all,
~ A progressively sillier, Jess


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