Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shrimp on the Barbie!

Hi loves!
You know what the great thing about working a three day weekend is? I still have tomorrow to get things done! Whoot. We got quite a bit more done on the storage unit project today, it really looks like a building now, very I cooked us some yummy apps to enjoy during the race tonight (the Boys-that's the NASCAR circuit-are in ATL tonight!), redid my toes by the pool, read some, graded a few more classes of papers and went to mass! Buzy bee, am I!

Today was a pretty great day though, filled with some really great eats. Check it out!

Breakfast was a Sunday Classic: Grits and fried eggs (one egg for me, thanks) with maple sausage links, toast and a pear with cheese!
Does anyone else enjoy this classic combo? I haven't had a pear with cheese in so long and it really made my breakfast special.

The dogs helped with the "dishes" and tried to lick the Teflon right off this frying pan. Don't they look like a 2 headed dog? So funny!

Lunch was beyond satisfying. I enjoyed this lovely plate and a tall cranberry vodka cocktail by the pool after a long morning of being a construction worker.
Chicken and spinach quiche with a peach and a pickle. So crisp and refreshing. A little plate of late summer!

Dinner was a meal of stages. First I marinated some shrimp in teriyaki sauce, honey, cayenne pepper and lime juice and then threaded it onto skewers with pineapple chunks.After grilling they looked like this:

Oh man so good! To keep the seafood theme going for our dinner of snacks Mom made my famous Hot Krab Dip which we baked on the grill plus a bunch of veggies and crackers for dipping.

I also finished a bottle of my NC wine: This one was Turkey Knob White (a White Zin) that I had opened last weekend. Still good this week as it was over a year ago. I've been savoring my stash, but would not object to making a "run" up to Thistle Meadow to get some more! Love these wines.

Enjoy your extended holiday, loves.
~A slightly tipsy and very shrimpy, Jess

PS. I usually leave the fashion to PinQue, but seriously, how cute did I look today? And yes, I was carrying a yellow purse (my normal purse actually) to match my yellow glads!


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