Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So, I vote that this week Wednesday be the new Friday. It's like hot pink being the new black. Yes? Yes! No? Ok, bummer. So while I feel like I have worked three weeks in the past three days alas two more days of school lie ahead, not to mention the two classes of lectures notes awaiting me in two lovely and massive Teacher Edition texts lying oh so (not)invitingly on my bed right now. So I'll make this brief, or as brief as I know how to be.

Tuesday was a typical day, sort of. One of my classes was retesting, since I am a kind teacher and couldn't stand to see them all fail abysmally...well, they already did the failing part, I just didn't want it to go into the grade book while the other class and I took on Valance Electron Energy Levels. That wasn't pretty and I even got my first "This is laaaammmme, Ms. M" from my 5th block regarding what I thought was cool "atomic trading cards" lesson. Whatev, kiddos, my lessons are cool!

And so is my food....If you like leftovers. And luckily I do, so check it out:

Breakfast:1/2 a naner with Honey Almond Butter and some toast with Olive Oil spread. Classic aka, boring. But it did the trick....and nearly held me over until lunch.......

I broke into this guy as soon as I shooed my 2nd block class out the door (ok, they ran out, but I would like to think they lounge around chatting with their non-lame teacher! hehe).

1/2 a Black Cherry Almond Cliff Bar. Very tasty. Add another one to the "flavors I will buy often" list. Savored with the other 1/2 of my Publix Red Tea from Sunday shopping!
Lunch was leftover spaghetti squash with chicken and vodka sauce from Monday night. Still good, actually. Funny thing, one of my co-workers asked me if I was vegetarian....which I am obviously not, since I was eating chicken in front of her! hahah, she just couldn't understand why I would want to eat squash instead of pasta. I just like my veggies, ok? :D

Oh! I also tried the new flavor of Chobani: Pineapple! It was really tasty. I was mixing it up thinking, wow this is really rich and creamy, how did they do that...and then I realized it was 2%, not my normal 0%. Man that extra 2% of milk fat is amazing. What a real treat!Dinner was more leftovers: Green Beans and Mashed Red Potatoes, but I subbed the pot roast from Sunday for a much tastier (in my opinion) protein entree of MorningStar Farms Chikn Strips. I love these much more than any real chicken strip. Weird right? Tasty.

Oh and that thing, that looks like a fried egg on my plate? It's ranch and honey mustard for dipping. I didn't really it into it much this time condiment addiction is getting better everyday! Whoot. Oh and a side salad was consumed too.

Which brings us to today....I was out of the classroom today finishing up our curriculum with the rest of the science department and I'm very proud to say we finished it up today! Yay! That is partly why I'm totally brain dead right now and would much rather read all your lovely blogs all night, but I'm going to wrap things up here and get back to the text books, because now that I really know what I'm teaching my little boogers, I mean charming students, I realized we are wayyyy behind, already. Ack.

Breakfast was a filling meal of scrambled eggs with spinach and a touch of Cheddar cheese. Plus 1/2 a piece of honey toast. (Little known fact, I cook breakfast for my Mom and I nearly every day, that's why you often see only 1/2 of something on my plate.).
Lunch was unphotographed since I ate at a "diner" with my co-workers and prefer to keep my bloggy baby out of prying school eyes for as long as possible. I say "diner" because it was really any other small town restaurant this time with a 50's paint job. I got the lunch special of grilled cheese and tomato basil soup. It was pretty good, abit rather greasy on the sandwich side, and certainly nothing to write home about. But I always feel good about supporting local Mom and Pop places like that, even if I won't be darkening their door regularly.

Dinner was a great surprise when I walked in the door tonight. Mum had busted out some of my Gra's deviled crab rolls out of the freezer. So good, and they are just pan fried quickly, so they aren't oily at all! Mom also attempted to use my new spirazlier (did I tell you guys it came it? Cause it totally did, I just haven't played with it too much yet) to make sweet potato french fries which she "baked" on the grill....but they came out more like smokey potato pasta. Tasty, but not fries at all. Plus coleslaw with fresh pineapple from my Pop's Garden. It is nice living so close to my family again.Yummy!

Now I'm off to hit the books...and bed soon I hope.
Love to all,
~An exhausted Jess


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Ah, yes. The inevitable "this is lame" comment.

Welcome to the club.

You're now officially a teacher.

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