Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Thirty One Party!

Hi loves,

Remember those Tupperware parties in the early 90's? The perms, the high-waisted mum jeans and tucked in floral blouses? the chex mix and ham and cream cheese roll ups? Well, it's back, but way better.....

On Thursday my Mom and I c0-hosted a Thirty One party. Thirty One is a "bag" homesales party. They have tote bags, lunch bags, diaper bags, over-night bags, purses and all the other fun accessories that go along with travel, plus some other cool organizing stuff too. One of my Mom's best friends, Aunt Bronna (they say they are sisters, so I've always called Bronna, "Aunt") recently fell in love with the company and became a consultant, so we agreed to host her "debut" party.

Some of the products are really cool and I'm psyched to get my lunch box and organizing tote bag. Plus I have some great gift ideas now too!

Bronna doing her thang!

My Mom being a goon and "modeling" one of the purses...and now you know where I get my "gooniness" from!

My Gra and one of her neighbors came! (and a lot of other people...but I wasn't a good photographer)

And what is a party without snacks? (I forgot to take the before pictures...but here are the remains!)

Brownies! Yummmmmmmy. (we also had some sticky buns, but I wasn't digging those so much)

Shrimp Cocktail and a very fresh and tasty veggie tray with bleu cheese for dipping.

Unpictured included some cream cheese and olive spread, sliced cheeses-Cheddar, Swiss, and Pepper Jack plus an assortment of crackers.

Also, two pitchers of Sangria "disappeared" and ironically no one touched the sweet tea! Who needs sweet tea when there is fruit floating in wine? haha.

My plate looked like this....or rather would have looked like this, I was just "grazing" on Thursday since I was being hostess also restocking snakies and keep the wine glasses full-just the way we like em!....this was my snack plate of a dinner on Friday night. Still yummy the next night!

Love to all,

~A bag party lovin', Jess

PS. Check out the great swag I got just for being a hostess! A keychain- which I totally needed for my school keys, plus a great post-it notepad and a pen! Looks like I'm geared up to spread some Operation Beautiful love around. I've been slacking and this is the perfect re-motivator!


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