Monday, November 16, 2009

11 Minute Meal

So, it's Monday and in my book this is always the longest day of the week....not because I'm an anti-Monday person, I'm not. I usually enjoy Monday, because I try to make my Sundays as restful/productive as possible and am thus ready for the week. No, Mondays are long for me because I choose to stay late and work to get the rest of my week lined up. I've always done this, not just since I've become a teacher. In college I would work in the library to really focus on whatever it was I need to finish that week; during my steint as a professional lab rat I would work late to hit up an even yoga class and then run at the park afterwards, often followed by grocery shopping- hot, sweaty, good lord I don't look sexy right now after running at the lake, grocery shopping.

But why am I telling you about my manic Monday routine? Yes my loves, I have a point...and here it is. When I get home on Mondays I usually need food, and I need it STAT. So here is my perfect 11 minute meal if you happen to have crazy Mondays (or whatever day of the week leaves you short changed for dinner):

You will need:
1 box of your favorite pasta (I went with whole wheat Rigatoni)
1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce (this time around was Classico Brand: Fire Roasted Tomato with Garlic....even though I'm a diehard vodka sauce girl!)
A bag of fresh spinach
5-6 Mushrooms
1 to 2 Garlic cloves
EVOO or butta...your choice

(I keep all these items on hand most of the time, so this is a no stopping at the store meal too!)

Ready, set, 11 minutes until dinner!

-11 min: Set your pasta water to boil, hard
-10 min: Wash and slice your garlic and shrooms
-9 min: Throw in your pasta
-8 min: heat your "fat of choice" in a small skillet
-7 min: saute garlic and mushrooms over medium-low heat
-6 min: place a generous handful of spinach leaves in the bottom of your favorite bowl
-5 min: turn off the mushroom/garlic combo and enjoy the aroma
-4 min: crack open the sauce (if you have already opened this bad boy you may need to nuke it to bring it up to you will see shortly I only use the hot pasta to heat up my meal)
-3min: relax, file your nails, short the mail, read the newest post on What's Normal, Anyways?
-1 minute: drain your pasta; add desired amount to bowl with spinach. The heat will begin to wilt down your spinach.
-30 seconds: top with sauce and mushroom/garlic mixture! mix it all up. With red pepper flakes and parma if you prefer, I do!

I save my leftover pasta and make this meal at work too. Just layer in your spinach, cold pasta, cold sauce and mushroom mixture in a microwaveable bowl, when it's time for lunch heat and eat! Yummy.

Love to all,
~a speedy chef (sometimes), Jess


Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

I do the same thing on Mondays. The day blows because its so long, but it's worth it because its the only time in the week we have the energy to do it, and it makes for a MUCH more successful Tues-Fri.

I also go in super early on Mondays. Because a) I clearly hate myself, and b) totally helps me get prepped for the day and rest of the week.

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