Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Classic Southern Seafood

So, I'm sure you all remember the exciting date night I had planned with my parents on Saturday? (This is a joke, in case you don't realize, since I currently live with my parents, while are in the process of building an apartment for me on our shared 80 I have date night with them pretty much every night I'm not off gallivanting with my 20-something friends!)

My dad has become a picky diner in recent years, so my parents have a list of 7 or so restaurants that they cycle through each week. After some discussion of where they had been last, which ones to avoid because of the home Gator Game, blah blah, details, details they decided on Cedar River Seafood. I was semi intrigued since I can't recall dining at this establishment, and can typically go for seafood anytime, except I was rather craving Mexican.....but cravings set aside we arrived at the once Pizza Hut turned now classic southern seafood hall.

Really slow service was made more bearable by a lovely pitcher of Amberbock split between mostly Dad and I (while Mom is more of an "adventurous" beer drinker with me, she's not a dark fan) and after a while this massive plate appeared before me:

Wow! Fried (yes, not the healthiest choice, but I've gotten some really bad "broiled or blackened" seafood platters at these little Mom 'n' Pop fried is really the safe way to go) bounty consisting of shrimp, scallops, and oysters (my fave!) plus two awesome sides of green limas (soooo good, smokey and delicious!) and okra n tomatoes.

Did I tell ya this was a southern joint or what? This GRITS girl says hells yeah!

Love to all,
~A southern seafood belle, Jess


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG, that looks so good! Fried is definitely the way to go at place like that. There's nothing worse than getting a piece of badly cooked fish.

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