Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lovely Leftovers

Who doesn't love the leftovers that come with Thanksgiving? Well, me actually. I'm not a huge turkey fan and there is only so much green been casserole and mashed potatoes I can eat (love them as I do) before I need to be rolled into the food recovery wing of the nearest hospital.

But I've come up with some pretty good combos the last few days, if I say so myself! Check it out:

Scrambled egg/egg white (no surprise) but the gem of this meal was one of Mom's rolls with fried apples spread on top....oh so yummy. And while we are in the holiday season why not add some whipped cream to my coffee? Hello foam (which had sunk a bit in this shot, but it was lovely)

Why not have leftovers for lunch too? Ok.

Dreaded turkey sandwich pepped up a bit with cranberry sauce, Munster cheese and bread and butter pickles. Sided up with pickled okra (GRITS girl says get some, NOW! please?)

With hummus and pita chips. Mom finally found a flavor/brand of hummus that she enjoys too, so I've been buying the Party Size....wait, I lie, she does like the Athenos Red Pepper the best, but I've always bought it in the party size! haha.

And who doesn't love a little holiday dessert? Remember that I didn't get any of my pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? Well my Pop sent over 1/2 of his pecan pie as a peace treaty.

Topped with pumpkin pie ice cream and whipped cream. Oh hello, my little darling! Totally worth every tiny calorie!

Love to all,
~A dredging through the Thanksgiving hanging on, Jess


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