Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloweenie! 2009 Edition

Hi all!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween full of treats and not too many tricks! I love Halloween-it is one of my top three holidays (the other 2 are New Years and Christmas, of course!). So, in the fashion of all my favorite things, I stretched out this holiday as far as I could.

It began with pumpkin carving. I carve at least one pumpkin a year, sometimes 2, and one year 3! I have to admit though, I'm no great artist with the carving knife...I'm more interested in the treasures that lie within-the seeds! I love having roasted pumpkin seeds on hand, and you can all be sure that those will be my primary snack until they are for the next few days, at least! haha.

I also discovered another fun thing about pumpkin carving this year: My pupster apparently loves raw chunks of pumpkin! As I was popping out the chunks for the eyes and nose of my pumpkin Chub was very interested, so I offered him a piece to smell. Imagine my surprise when he took it from my hand and proceeded to chomp away on it and then beg for more. How fitting that my dog is a veg head too! haha.

Finished product! He had an accident with his upper tooth, so it looks a bit like a snaggle toothed vampire pumpkin now....oh well.

Cute and festive on the dinning room table with the ghost hanging on the door.

My other big project the last 2 weeks was converting my uncle's old Coast Guard coveralls (he's a retired captain from the USCG- ) from this:

to this: (all thanks to my Mum's ingenious tailoring abilities! oh and fyi, my uncle is 6'4" while I am only 5'4" so Mom had her work cut out for her)

I love this costume, epically since it's all legit stuff (sans the fishnets and shoes of course! haha).

Nicole, aka Chuck the Lineman, Jenna, aka Scarlet O'Hara and myself, Jerri the Seaman!

I had a blast with 2 of my girlies at a good friend's annual Halloween Party in Orlando. It was just fun to get all cute, and hang out with other fun, cute people! haha. Watched some beer pong (the games were too intense for this amateur) had some jello shots and added on to my lifetime of memories!

I think that is why I can say Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It's just fun to be with friends and truly relax and be silly. Two of my favorite things!

What is your favorite holiday and what makes it special to you?

Love to all,
~ A Halloween lovin' gal, Jess


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