Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Demi Stubbies Night

Have you ever had one of those nights where things just kept going wrong and it seemed like temping the fates to go out? Welcome to my world about 26 hours ago. I was having wardrobe issues, packing issues (usually I stay over at a friend's house when I go out in the big city of Gville since it is an hour drive home for me), remembering my cell phone issues and nearly cancelled a few times.

Overall my Friday night out at Stubbies was great. I got to see Christine after nearly a month's separation (too long, darling....never again! haha), plus Jenn and Stephanie. But sometimes things just don't click and I was just soo tired that trying to be the moderator for three groups with rather different personalities and intrests is just, well, challening. Needless to say though it was a fun night out of the house and even better yet 2 beers (yes, only TWO....hence the term "demi") we relished as the night passed us by.

Sierria Nevada Pale Ale

Not anything risky here, and while I'm not always the biggest Pale Ale fan (they can be too hoppy for me) I do enjoy the SN take on a pale ale, with very floral notes. Lovely and refreshing.

Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale

I finally got it! yay. In actuality though, I've had so many good seasonal ales in the last month or so that this one didn't really stick out as special. Drinkable with a heavy hand of cinnamon, a bit too light on the pumpkin for my personal desires. Overall tasty and festive though, and honestly what more can a girl ask for?

How about Potato Pancakes?

It's not a night at Stubbies, big or small, without fried disks of deliciousness. So says the "healthy food blogger" um, yeah...... I swear I do eat healthy...sometimes?

Love to all,
~A no apologies bar fly, Jess


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