Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving, High School Style

Hello darlings,

Believe it or not we are only t minus 7 days to our feast day of Gobbling Glory. Crazy! I for one have been assigned mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie to bring over to my grandparents house for our annual pilgrimage meal. (no lake this year....bummer, I know!)

I got things rolling early this year however, since the school I teach at was having their Thanksgiving meal today. This was actually my first experience eating in our cafeteria, since I try to avoid the chaos that ensues in there....and I don't want to waste half my already short 25min lunch break hoofing it over to the dinning hall that is across campus from my building! But, holidays are special and call for accommodations, thus I ventured into the tiny building that houses our entire high school lunch in one setting. lunch a and lunch B at "your friendly high school" oh heck no, that would be "too complicated."

Our cafeteria staff really does do a great job with the meager and low quality supplies they are provided. One of my fellow lunchmates often buys the school lunches and they are pretty tasty looking, but I just don't want to start going down that path! haha.

Without further ramblings though, I present to you: High School Lunch Thanksgiving Dinner

Um, yes, very carb heavy....get used to seeing protein lacking plates for the next week or so since I'm actually not a turkey fan to be honest, and even though the staff get a legit carved turkey, no the mystery turkey meat in gravy that the kids got, I just wasn't feeling it. Mashed potatoes were divine...I love me some carbo loading! I ended up not eating the stuffing...something made it have an after taste of dirt to me. I know it's some spice, because I've experienced this with other meals too, I'm just unsure as to what it is. The yeast roll was dense and oh so good dipped in leftover ranch dressing from my lovely tossed salad. I only ate a few bites of the sweet potato suffle, because it was crazy sweet and I prefer my SPs to be savory, but the cranberry sauce hit the spot! I did pick out the green beans and eat them too, because my meal was seriously lacking in the veggie department. Over all a very satisfying treat of a lunch.

Thanks lunchroom ladies (and gentlemen!)

Love to all,
~a stuffed like a turkey even though I didn't eat any turkey, Jess


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