Friday, November 27, 2009

Stuffed Like a Turkey

Is how I feel....let me show you why:

It is a tradition in our family to start off Thanksgiving with Bloody Marys....and the Macy's Day Parade of course!

After some walking in the beautiful weather, roasting of these lovely pecans and whipping up mashed potatoes and "fried" apples my parents and I trekked the whole 2 miles to my grandparents house (My mom's Dad and Step-Mom)

Then the real spread was put out on the table:

Roast Turkey, oyster dressing (sooo good!) and Creamed Corn

Squeaky Beans (green beans with almonds and Greek seasoning) that I mixed up at Gra's house, cranberry salad and some burned cornbread dressing (let's just say using the grill as an oven takes some practice and well, my step uncles need some more attempts)

My Mom's famous refrigerator rolls, Dad's Fried Apples (these are just reduced whole apples with cinnamon and brown good!), deviled eggsThe giant bowl of mashed potatoes I made, zucchini casserole, and ambrosia (my grandmother's bourbon laced fruit salad)

The whole spread as seen from above.

My plate, pretty much as taste of everything....light on the turkey, heavy on the taters! Enjoyed with a Yellow Tail Chardonnay.

Remember that pumpkin pie I had to make the other night? The one I was feeling lazy about after I finished and didn't take a picture of before taking over for Thanksgiving Dinner? yeah, it got devoured before I could a-take a picture or b-have a slice myself. I've been making this pie since I was 9 and everyone always raves over it, but it is a very simple recipe-off the back of the Libby's Pumpkin can, actually- the only thing I do "special" is make my own crust from scratch.

I had to get my pumpkin fix somehow:

Pumpkin Pie ice cream with whipped cream (love it!) and peppermint tea.

Oh and a second plate too

Tonight that is. My family didn't get to bring any leftovers home, but no worries, we did our own Thanksgiving on Black Friday. Turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, apples, deviled eggs, pickles and really yummy cran-raspberry sauce.

And now I'm lounging in my comfy leggings and hoodie, watching a movie with my mutts.

Love to all,
~a stuffed as a turkey, Jess


Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Your feast looked delicious! Bloody marys are a Thanksgiving tradition in my household too!

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