Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Snacks!

So, one perk of moving back home that I hadn't considered was having people to actually cook for again. While my parents don't always love what I whip up, for example the pumpkin pasta, it's nice to cook for more than one and not get sick of the leftovers...because I sure can't eat the same meal more than 2 or 3 times, tops.

In addition to cooking full meals I've always loved making "snack trays" and have been whipping up chips and dips and cheese and cracker plates since I was a little kid. Again, this doesn't work quite as well when you live alone...yes I can make a single serving of cheese and crackers, but what if I wanted a taste of salsa and say, hummus too? It's just TOO much for one person and TOO much work (in my opinion) to make little bites of each item for a single snack.

But now...I can proudly make a Sunday Snack Platter and get all my tastes satisfied, while feeding my family too!

A wedge of Brie with water crackers (seriously the best, simple combo ever...try it!)

A big batch of my famous guac ( I know you see this a lot on my blog, but MAN was this batch goood!)

Whole Grain tortilla chips (love these...the only way to eat tortilla chips, in my opinion) with some Publix Brand Spinach Dip....ok, I only got this out of the fridge, you caught me!

All together now!


Plus a "mocktail" of club soda with a squeeze of lime.

So refreshing!

Love to all,
~a snack happy, Jess


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