Monday, November 23, 2009



Check out this plate:

Apple Strudel Pancakes (I LOVE this mix from Archer Farms...pick it up at your local Target), scrambled egg/egg white mix with ketchup (obviously), and 2 apple sausage links. Yum o!

Take that IHOP.

Love to all,
~A breakfast lovin' babe, Jess


Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Jess,

I am a foodie myself! Those apple strudel pancakes look delicious! I might have to pick up that mix! I used to go with my friends to IHOP for their pancakes but we may want to keep in mind that the company has been exposed for food safety issues and animal cruelty in its supply chain. For more details, please check out:

I just wanted to let you know about this. Again, thank you for the tip about the mix. I think I am going to add some apples into it! =)

I appreciate your taking the time to read this.


Emily Spivak

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