Saturday, November 14, 2009

1/2 through Novmember?

Holy Moly Guys and Dolls....we are trucking right through November and no post from me in nearly a week! Did ja miss me? heheh....probably not, but hey, that's cool, honesty is my policy.

So anyhoo, I'm coming to you live, from the comfort of my bed....all thanks to my new luver: Harvey the MacBook Pro! So happy, you have no idea. I'm still slogging through customizing my mac-tastic baby and dragging all my files off my crappy ol' Dell (which I can now shout from the rooftops with no fear of it crashing on me! yay), after literally 2 years of longing daily for a new computer, I have my dream baby, and watch out world, you won't be able to drag me from the blog0sphere with a scary 2 ton gorilla. Ok, well maybe you could, especially if it was a Chimp, because 98% of primates scare the bejeezus out of me!

Alright, I moved my lazy hiney out of bed (and worked as construction worker for 3.5 hours) and unto the porch, because it is a gorgeous day. I've been loving this weather right now; it's nice a chilly in the evenings so I can snuggle up under my covers, but then mild in the afternoons....mild as in I'm wearing shorts and a tee shirt right now. :D

I really don't have any fantastic culinary adventures to share with you right now, although be sure to check out all my up and coming posts this week, as I catch you up on a fabulous Oktoberfest tasting I went to, a few trips to BJs, my first homecoming as a teacher and other randomness I need sort though!

Enjoy your Saturday....I'm off to the showers and then Mass and a night out with my parents! (Totally teachers gone wild here....or not!). There also may or may not be a plate a raw green beans calling my name will just have to stay tuned to find out! :D

For now enjoy the great shot I got of "my girls" this morning. Luna-our mama dog- and Bunny Cat....these too are inseparable; if you need to ever find the cat, just look for the dog and she will be in a 5 foot radius of Luna!

Love to all,
~A back in action, Jess


Yup, green bean were had....I love raw green beans, espically with a side of light bleu cheese dressing....wasn't feeling the microwaved leftover pizza so that went to the pupster. With a side of amazing novel.


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

I'VE missed you! But then I always do. Hope you and Harvey are enjoying the honeymoon phase.

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