Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Snackage

Hi all,

I was granted a day off the construction project today (yes, I still owe you abarnment updates...I am working on getting my external hard-drive to play nice with Harvey) to get my procrasting teacher rumpus into gear.

After a long morning and afternoon of lesson plan writing and project planning both my brain and my belly were ready for some snack time.

My parents wrapped up installing the 1st half of the underlament for my floor around the same time, so we gathered on the pool patio to finish shucking a few oysters we acquired over the holiday weekend. Gotta love this Florida Weather. 45 degrees last night and here we are sitting around the pool with fresh oysters!

Yum, and indeed they were, dished up on a cracker with some Pete action! Enjoyed with a "tall" mocktail of nearly flat club soda and lime. Refreshed.

Sadly the oysters only seemed to fuel my snack monster, so I hi-tailed it upstairs to raid the kitchen.

Throw together some garlic Naan, lemon hummus and a slighty singed sausage and I give thee

Naan pizza! What fun to eat, of course Naan bread is always fun to eat, so doughy and delicious!

Off to finish lecture notes and such.

Love to all,
~A jealous of all you "Sunday Slackers", Jess


Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Those oysters look delicious. I haven't had them in so long, I need to correct that immediately!

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